Thursday, December 23, 2010

The 2 sisters

Mika: Let me tell you about this 2 sisters...

Mika: Didn't I tell you that Yong let me audit all the photos and words in the blog?

Mika: Hmm.....this photo of me is perfect. Good!

Yong: All approve Mika?

Mika: Ok, proceed to publish!
Mika: This is Yong's youngest sister, we call her Kak Dik. She likes to hang out with Yong when Aqie already sleep. Always Yong's room be "lepak "place for them,even Mom occasionally come and join the chatting.

Mika: Girls....!! They chat and browse internet all night. Yong, I'm falling asleep.....

Kak Dik: Relax Mika....give me chance with Yong ok...


  1. adik suka gler post nieh..nice kak yong..hihi..
    adik nashrif

  2. me too!!it's a perfect post ever!