Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday ride; Another project!

Mika: I love when Yong take me for a ride on Sunday. I could see many things through this window.

Mika: Yong, I'm ready now. Where are we going?

Yong: Just round the block. Don't scratch my seat ok...
Mika: I'll sit and just chill out.....
Yong: If I have the time, I will take Mika for a short ride around the house either on Saturday or Sunday. He will always stand like the top photo or sit on the dashboard or at the back window board.

Mika: After the ride, Yong doing the project again! It's baking time. This time I will not guard her since Aqie yet to come back from his grandpa house.

Yong: Yes! I try another receipe from the new blog that I discover last week. Thank you Rima, a very simple receipe yet yummy! The brownies is delicious even Mika like the smell of the cheese. I give him a little lick on my finger..ha..ha..pitty you can't eat it!



  1. Combination of cheese and chocolate.. what cud go wrong ey... glad u like it as much as we did!

  2. Betul the combination memang awesome. Nanti boleh cuba resepi Rima yang ada banyak choclate tu...Trm kasih kerana jenguk blog saya...I likeee..