Thursday, May 31, 2012


This soft paw also help me to have good sleep........zzzzzzzz

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun Wednesday........

Enough with my sleeping post! Yong put out the feather wand and we start to play game!

Excellent turning!

Wack the feather hardly! Gotcha!

No!!...not the time for blogging. I want to play more.....moreeeee!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tummy Tuesday

Tonight is very hot, very comfy sleeping with my tummy like this. Wind from the fan can blow my super big tummy! Aaaaaaaahhhhh......

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pillow cat.....

Yong: Mika loves sleeping with pillow. So very humanly.....:o) 
           Happy dreaming......zzzzzz

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sleep style

Both have the same sleep style.......wonder why they covering the nose.......? 

Aqie, sleeping at the hall

I'm sitting at the sofa and Mika dooze comfortably with his head on my lap....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Story of the week...

Mika: Well.......week come to an end again....before I start meowing to Yong on her slacking routine lets check on what Yong treats to herself on her not so famous baking skill.....pur...meow.............

Once she got her rectangular pie tin from Sunlik, she straight to look for the apple tart recipe in Kak Rima's blog. The taste what I heard is delicious and yummy......well luckily not my type of food. Wonder Yong can make chicken pie next time.....hmm....hmm...

Next, when she found that she had pastry puff in fridge, she want to try to make fruit vol au vent but she made a mistake by not roll the pastry and it looks ugly after it baked. Only one on the left second row looks decent . Better try again in your next baking day, Yong....

Aaaaahhhhhh, this look refreshing right! May is a hot month now, so she got idea to prepare this summer drink.The lemon barley cordial not a favourite cordial to the family. Before it become rotten, she made this cold drink by just adding a sparkling water, ice and garnish with mint leave.....meooooowwww! That my interpretation of Yong's joy when she taste it!

PS: Thanks Mika on the story of the week will be all your photo........hope I can manage to keep this promise....:op

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nap on hot Sunday

Mika: Yong went to wedding reception, I take a nap at Aqie's mattress until she return home. Happy Sunday napping!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

JB/SINGAPORE GETAWAY.......the goodies!

Yong: Hmmm.......still continue story of the trip.....:o))

We arrived at our hotel in JB around 10.00pm, the journey back from SG to JB took 1 1/2 hour. We bravely took "private taxi" which cost us SG35.00 from Queen Street to Terminal Larkin.  

On 13/05/12, after a simple Mother's Day breakfast at Parapara Cafe, Grand Paragon, and check-out, we went to Ayer Hitam, Batu Pahat for other shopping. Places where many outlets selling pottery,home decorative items, wedding accessories and others crafts. Places are heaven for a shopaholic! Too eager until forgot to snap photo! Haaaiiiiz.....

After spend  2 hours shopping , we then off to Senai to check-in our 2nd hotel, Rose Cottege, a budget hotel (RM70.00 per night-deluxe room) which took 15 minutes drive to Senai International Airport since our Monday flight quite early, 8.45 am. Within 5 minute, we out again to see my friend at Taman JP Perdana at JB to visit her new bundle of joy, baby girl. 

On 14/05/12, we safely touch down at LCCT around 9.50 am and pick-up by my sister and had our brunch! The rest of the day we just sleep and relaxing! When we unpack our bag that day......looks who's join in! 

Mika: Hmmm.....let see what stuffs inside these two bags. Sniff...sniff....

Yong: Well.....with all the tough decision.....ha...ha...we only bought t-shirts and key chains.

Souvenir from the zoo

The trays bought from Sunlik. I couldn't find those at our nearby baking shop. Need to start my baking day soon!

Aaaahhhhhh.....I love those serving plate! Those we bought at Ayer Hitam. A very good price, the rectangular plate cost RM20.00 per piece and the glass round-handle serving plate costs RM85.00

Mom going gaga about that vase, costs only RM55.00. At first Mom don't want to buy since we took flight and worry on how to carry it. Well.....well....the shop assistant can wrapped the vase in the box and Mom smile ears to ears when she hear that.....:o)) The vase safely arrive to our home. Hope Mika don't stumble to this vase like he did when he's about 1 year old. It took 6 years for Mom to find the vase that she like! 

Mika: Enough with all the story.......faster serve my dinner now! You didn't get anything for me, do you?

Yong: GULP!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Yong:'s been ages since I update the blog....he...he..he.. always reason been busy and that's why I plan a 3 days getaway to JB/Singapore with my Mom. We had full 3 day events, we starts from JB-PTP-Pontian-Singapore-Ayer Hitam-JB. Mika was being taken care by my sister with Aqie of course. So enjoy the picture!

11 May 2012 - Tanjung Pelepas Port

We entering the PTP( Tanjung Pelepas Port) where our 2nd JB branch office situated. 

Yana, a very sweet young lady. The only girl in the office. Behind me is the port terminal. We get to spend 15 minutes cruising the terminal. 

We had our late lunch in Pontian at Kemangi Restaurant

12 May 2012 - Singapore

Here we come Singapore........full and ready to the adventure!

We took bus at Terminal Larkin and headed to Woodlands. Bus fare-RM1.70  Our first destination in Singapore is the famous Singapore Zoo at Mandai Rood

Arrived at Woodlands, we took taxi to go to the zoo. Taxi fares-SG6.70

Yeaaaa........happy like a kid! We had a lucky day, I only pay one ticket (SG25.00) for Mom, since there was a couple who generously offers us two free tickets. Never get a chance to have their name but we are very grateful to their  kindness.

Since we only plan for one day trip, we not cover the whole area of the zoo. First we took tram ride (SG5.00) then we choose to check out several animals.  Since I love cat, we visit this white tiger. Very awesome animal!

The zoo also has boat ride (SG6.00) 

Masjid Sultan,Arab Street

After we spend few hours at the zoo, we headed to Arab Street by taxi (SG18.00.....ooouch) to have our lunch, pray and of course shopping.

I also met Kak Rima and daughter,Sonia to collect my order. We spend few minute chit chat. I'm over the moon on that day.

Then we had our lunch at Zamzam Restaurant. We had "nasi briyani" and take away "murtabak rusa" to JB. 

Then we walk to Bugis Street, along the way we stop at Sunlik at Seah Street to buy some of baking trays for my collection. The shop just opposite Raffles Hotel!

Are you following Bugis Street?

Wah.....! lots and lots of people. 

We had tough decision to choose souvenir to bring home. 

View of Marina Sand Bay from Merlion Park

From Bugis Street, we took taxi (SG9.00) to Merlion Park  since Mom tired to walk.......poor Mom. All taxi fares sponsor by my lovely Mom. Thank you Mom....

Merlion Statue

We really had a great time in Singapore even though for just a short visit. Will plan to visit again and of course the USS is our next destination!