Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The day when.......

Yong: This is the day when we sent Mika to the pet boarding center in Kelana Jaya. He refuse to be photographed.

Please.... Mika can you look at me......:o((

Finally I get to his face. He's so sad and scared. You can see the green bag besides him....I put my t-shirt,his toys,his vitamin and some food inside. You'll be fine Mika.......


This is when we're at the KLIA waiting for boarding. We took Firefly flight and landed at Kuching Airport around 1.15pm. Aqie lost his pillow when we arrived at Kuching airport while waiting for my uncle and cousins to fetch us.

I've yet to call the pet boarding center.......but I will do it tomorrow.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Long vacation & cat boarding

Mika: Hello friends, by the time you read this I'll be away for the whole week as Yong and her family will go for vacation. This is unfair! They will fly to Kuching, Sarawak and left me alone at boarding center. Yong said the place is much better than any place that she already surveyed. Well, I hope you right Yong! Don't make my sparkling fur fall off!

Yong: I really had a hard time and dilemma for this vacation! What was I thinking? We all so trilled on this long awaited holiday but when the times come I really sad and worried about Mika. He never been to cat boarding. I even surveyed 4 places but not to my satisfaction. I nearly sent to Petnode which later found that the boarding center has mistreated the cat and lead to the death of 16 cats. Very sad story........

Then I remember about Animal Hotel from MAS Cargo, but when I search their web the cost for 1 night is RM60.00 exclude meals! That over my budget! Then I remember I saw an advertisement about cat boarding in shipping magazine, do you believe that, shipping magazine! The center call Scallywags(http://www.scallywags-malaysia.com/) I called them but to my disappointment, they already full booked in Sept. I had only 2 weeks, when my sister's friend came to the rescue. She use to sent her cat to this place and she is satisfy with their service. So before I decide, I went to the place to see for myself and I'm happy with their boarding area. I sent Mika to Kelana Jaya Veterinary Clinic(http://kjveterinaryclinic.blogspot.com/) I really had a long talk for the next one week, play with him and give much love hug and strokes to Mika and the day I sent him, he is calm but you can see his eyes look scared.

We already miss you Mika, will call the center on Tuesday to check out his situation. I will posted any news ok......

Friday, September 16, 2011

New toy......?

Aqie: Mika, lets play new game with Mommy's handphone.

Mika: This boy never stop bugging me........

Yong: Don't they both adorable. Aqie will do anything to have Mika attention.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rest Sunday

Thanks for Aqie's mattress, Mika have a peaceful Sunday nap.......zzzzzzzz

Raya story........baking

From the last post.....well....previous post, I told you I baked 2 types of cake, blueberry cheese cake, chocolate cake and cupcake. The result of the chocolate cake was not to my expectation, I use a wrong size baking pan and the frosting was not thick enough so the result not so good. Anyway, my cheese cake not bad at all, everybody love it and the cake finish in one day! I found this recipe in someone blog last year, sorry I forgot who it is.....:op . Let me share the recipe with all of you. I think this is the easiest cheese cake recipe.


Ingredient A - Biscuit Base
120 gm chipsmore biscuit
2 tbsp butter

1. Grind the biscuit, then mix with butter.
2. In springform 8 inch baking pan, put aluminium foil or baking sheet and press the buttered biscuit in the baking pan. Bake with 150 C about 10 min

Ingredient B - Filling
250 gm Philidephia cream cheese
70 gm butter
120 gm fresh cream/whipping cream
120 gm caster sugar
50 gm cornstarch
30 gm superfine flour
1 tsp vanilla
4 telur ayam [split egg yolk & egg white)]
2 tbsp blueberry filling


Blueberry filling(bought ready made from baking shop)
Or you can use strawberry filling


1. - Preheat the oven 150 C

2. - Beat the egg white until fluffy, set aside

3. - Beat the cream cheese, butter,caster sugar and fresh cream until fluffy.

4. -Put in the egg yolk one at the time and vanilla essence, then beat again

5. -Sifted both flour and using spatula pour it in the cream cheese batter.

6. - Gently folded the flour until well combine, then add in the egg white and the blueberry filling. Folded gently until well combined.

7. - Pour the batter in the biscuit base and bake for about 70 to 75 min.

8. -Let the cake sits in the oven about couple of hours after bake. Then cool it in the fridge for 4 hours before serve it with the blueberry topping.

Raya story....

Mika: Hello friends, good to see you all again. We had a busy week last week and Yong really...really slacking on updating the blog. Sorry about that but we do blog walking to our cats friend page and never missed to read your story. Here are our story for the Eid, unfortunately no family photo as the photographer busy in the kitchen and forget to snap any good photo but nevertheless she not forget to take my photo though!

Aqie such a good boy and very helpful to Yong. He was trilled to help Yong baking. Yong had promised him to bake cupcake with purple cream topping.

Yong baked oreo cupcake and put a little bit of blueberry filling and purple colour for the cream topping. Aqie was so joyful to eat it!

Add ImageWell, I also had a delicious menu too for the Eid but only to get it on the 2nd day as Yong was so busy on the 1st day. The smell was so tempting that I new the meal going to be so delicioussss!

Hurry Yong!!! I can't wait! Luckily Yong's pijamas was not torn out by my claw.....purrr...meow....

I had KFC chicken without the skin of course! But Yong bit stingy as she only give me 1 cup of the shredded chicken. Anyway, I enjoy this special ocassion.

Nom....nom...nom...who doesn't love chicken is a wasteful......

Yong! You should search chicken recipe for my special day soon....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Time for bathing

Mika: Hi.....happy day to all. How's your Eid celebration & holiday? Let me tell you what I did yesterday.

Mika: I feel refresh after bathing. I should have it on the eve of Eid but since Yong very busy only yesterday she got time. Beside for two days I've been hide away from all the guest so it really good time to bath!!

Mika: The wheather is very hot, so I stay on the grass....

Mika: Looks like our neighbour see me doing my stuff.....

Mika: See my polish and clean ear.