Friday, April 29, 2011

Temparory silence....

Hi friends.....

Regret to inform that Mika + Suzy/Yong will temparory blog silence since my cute lappy still out of order. I'm taking work leave from Thursday until the weekend as my Mom will be back on Friday......lots of thing to do before she reach home......

I'm sure will be lots of activities during this long holiday.....If my friend manage to repair it then posting will be regular if not then have to wait until I back to the office on 04/05/11......:o((

Happy Holiday!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Checking and baking

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mika: I need to check around the house because Aqie and his parents went to Grandpa house in Klang and Yong is busy in the kitchen .....baking again!

Mika: Sniff..sniff...someone or something has left mark here.....

Mika: This is weird? I can't make up whose smell is this......

Mika: Better check again......sniff...sniff...

Mika: Never mind about that smell, I will left mine.....where should I do it?

Mika: This bench should do it!

Couple of hour later, Mika enter into the house, may be he is boring since outside a bit drizzle....I was baking second part(cheese cake) of Triple Decker Cake which recipe taken from Kak Rima's . I already made the chocolate cake on Saturday, so I need to assemble the cake before Aqie back from his Grandpa's.

Mika: If Yong starts day would be sooo stinky glove car feather band....and lots of

Yong: Don't be sad, you got to taste the cheese.....

I only start assemble the cake after I had my lonely dinner and Mika also already had his early dinner. Half way whipping the chilled chocolate ganache, Aqie came back but he already sleep luckily no interuption from "drama boy"....

Mika stayed in the kitchen until he eventually falls asleep...... When I step near the chair, suddenly........

Mika: Emmmm.........Finish already???

Yong: Aaaaaa......not yet.........


Well... I don't take the photo of the whole cake as I not decorate it so nice.....:op Anyway this is what I had for breakfast before I left for work.....Definitely provide "wajah ceria" to my face that morning. I brought some to the office and so my sister. The verdict is marvellous la! Thanks Kak Rima (

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Saturday, 23/04/11

After reading Kak Rima ( & Kak Yani ( blog, story about how tasty and cute this French cookies, so I made bold attempt to try to make it. Even though the ingredient is only 4, to make this sweet treats is prove to be a challenging and finicky one.

The ingredient nicely stack.....wonder what inside the cup? Well.... its granulated sugar for whipping the egg white. I think my egg white not so fluffy enough thus make the batter a bit runny

Overall mixture and after piping on the tray........

The finish product not so lovely since the shell cracked and it consider reject...... but I still eat them. I kept in the fridge and few hours later I fill it with chocolate ganache. The taste is so crunchy! Well this is not my last attempt! I will conquer you, sweet macarons....

To heals my disappointment, I went to MPH at SACC Mall in Shah Alam and bought this 2 books about cupcakes.

I love the pictures, the ingredients and steps in the receipes are fairly easy and understandable. I will choose one or two recepies to make on 1 May to celebrate Labour!

Mika: More sweet things.....are you not afraid if your waist becoming like mine?

Yong: Ouch!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Grooming and........Yong's laptop is crash!

Yong: A sad....sad....and restless day for me since my cute pink lappy suddenly crash and I can't do anything to rectify the problem. Now my trusted lappy is with my friend and he will try too see what the

Anyway I manage to download Saturday photo but unable to proceed it on Sunday, so enjoy the very grooming Mika before he goes to sleep. Since my Mom not at home for 2 weeks, Mika & I slept in her room so that we won't missed her so much

Yong: Are you just out from the bathroom?

Mika: Yong, don't ambarras me with this photo.....Quick turn away the camera!

Yong: Mika are you sleeping?

Mika: You've been trick!

Mika: Not yet, need to groom this big tummy first

Mika: I guess all part has been groomed.......wait.......

Mika: Am I still smelly or this blanket need to clean?

Mika: Better sleep....thinking is borriiing........


Mika: Yong will posting our activities but it would be delay since Yong use office pc....shhhhh....don't tell her boss ok.... Next posting will be our activity on last Saturday & Sunday, a very busy day for Yong actually......

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fine Friday morning...

Yong: Fine morning, Mika take stroll on the roof while I get dress to work.

Mika: Call me when my breakfast is ready.....

Mika: I saw something down there.....must investigate....

Mika: Down......down........mustn't be seen by others. I'm a good cat detective.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm the coolest!

Yong: When I enter the house, I saw Aqie's superheroes and tiny cars nicely arranged in front of sofa. He instantly ask my camera.

Aqie: Cool collection! Can anyone beat me?

Mika: Aqie, don' forget me! I'm one of the team too! I'm the most coolest of all!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not so wordless Wednesday

Yong: I'm off to work that morning, Mika sat on the wall just looking at me. Since Mom not at home and Aqie was at our neighbour, Mika will just hang around outside the house. I left a small gap for Mika to enter into the house so that he can eat , drink and poop.........or sleep....

Yong: Bye...bye...Mika, be good boy....take care the house and don't mess the house too......

Mika: Don't home so late ok....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday fight night

We had a fight game tonight, that stinky glove made me so excite and gave good whack on it!

Mika: Haaaaaaaap.........No one can save you now!

Mika: GRRRRR.......MEOWWWWW.........GRRRRR.....

Mika: Stinky Glove, are you trying to run away! You willl never get away from me.....Grrrrr.....

P/S: I have it on video but I can't download it. Can anyone help?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The two sisters excited on the journey to Madinah & Mecca.
We reached home around 4.30pm, everybody looked sleepy even Mika take a little nap in my room. The whole of the evening is rest day....nothing much....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday Story

This was taken on Sunday afternoon, I still can chip-in to snap some photo. After I finished baking the cupcakes, Mika already out from the house and soon after that few of our relatives arrived. Mom together with her sister will perform 'umrah' for 2 weeks and their flight is on Monday afternoon.

Mika: Just finish my lunch....chill out before I take a move to find a place to hide from Mom's guest.

Yong: This is the cupcakes that I made in a jiffy....very easy to make and delicious too!

Yong: All the guests have left about 9.00pm and this is Mika when I call him. His having a very late dinner and he just went straight to the kitchen. Pitty boy..... Mika slept with Mom last night. We all going to miss Mom and hope she will have good and bless journey.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is it really..... 150th post?

Hello everybody.....Sorry for the break, I've been busy this few days. Guess what....this is my 150th post! But I have to confess though that this is not actually my 150th post, instead because of my silliness I've deleted 10 post prior. Anyway, I have to give credit to my office colleague,Linda, who persuade me to start blogging. She even help me to create the goggle account. The first blog that really capture my eyes is Michico's two adorable cats from I was so amazed that it become an inspiration for me to start my journey with the one and only, Mika. He truly give me "wajah ceria" all day and we happily stuck with each other for 7 years now. I'm so blessed that I've chosen Mika, he fits to our small family even though I gave a rough house trained during his early first years. I've had 4 cats before this and all are stray cats. Before I got Mika, I adopt a grey tabby cat from animal shelter which I name him Bean. After six month, he encounter health problem and 3 weeks later he died. It also took me another six month to decide if I'm ready to have another cat. Until I saw this wonderful tv show call Early Edition. It's about a cat that bring newspaper every morning to a man who then have to rescue those people that feature in the newspaper. You know what......well Mika not bring me the newspaper but he will stay and wait for me in my bedroom until I finish dress up. Whenever I'm off from work, he surely stay in the house longer than other days. I guess his trying to make up the time during I'm working.

On the other point of me, I always had a feeling that I can bake good and tasty cakes when I'm in college. Thanks to Mom when for the first time she teached me how to bake chocolate cake. Since then I taken over the baking job from my Mom until I started working, the passion suddenly vanish. But still I occasionally bakes cake, cookies or muffin for family and festive season. With introduction of blogging, few month after I started "wajah ceria", I stumble very inspiring baking blog which enlighten again the passion. Thank you Kak Rima from for all the wonderful recipes including your rambling...ha..ha..ha...and eventually it became addiction to start baking again. I've tried 3 recipes from Kak Rima and so far I'm happy with the progress. I bravely tried 2 recipes from other sources and the verdict was awesome from my family point of view. Now, I read and amazed with other baking website and blogger. So, I can say that Mika and my reborn passion for baking is appropriate to show the expression of "wajah ceria" of my life.

I'm also honoured and thankful for all the viewers that hop-in to our blog and supporting The Duo. I admit that I'm a very new to this medium but I promise to myself that I will learn and learn to perfect my blog page. Please continue to support us and I really appreciate viewers and friends comment and also do drop us at

Lets check out what Mika do when I'm at my lappy.......... I bet you all can guess.....

P/S: Will be busy on Sunday, need to go to market, baking chocolate chip almond cupcake again...for the third time....he..he.. and receiving guests. Definitely Mika will be out of side the whole weekend everybody.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The collar is missing..... again!

Yong: When I 'm back from the office, Mika approached me and you know what, the first thing I notice is his fancy purple collar not at his neck. Mom reported to me that she heard cat fight but not sure if it's Mika or other cat. So far no injury at any part of his body. The collar must be detachable when he trying escaping the fight chase. Luckily I have spares, so Mika has a new collar, fancy tiger stripe collar with safety detachable clip. Mika the only cat at our housing block that where collar. Lot of neighbours recognize Mika since he always chill out in front of our house.
Mika is trained sleep according human sleep time. Usually my sleeping time is 11.00pm, but if I still watching tv, he either go my Mom rooms or sleep on my lap at the sofa.

Must be tired with all the day activities. Be careful when you do your day patrol......

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday close up

Mika: Aqie would like to show his skill in photography. The bad thing is that he likes flash! I hate flash! My fancy purple collar together with long whiskas
My long and off-chair feet with curly tail
My pinkie toes
Mika: No more photo pleaseeee, Aqie......

Yong: Yep....Aqie love taking photo now days. If he sees camera he just snap anything! Who else become his target........Mika of course.