Friday, December 17, 2010

Talking Thursday

Mika: Today I want to tell you something about Aqie.

Mika: It's about his toys....This is Aqie's toys area which is in the hall. Lots of stuffs!!!! He has softs toys....still not enough! Look at the grey box on the right. Inside more toys!!

This is his favourites, Thomas, the train.

He got varities of cars....

More cars and trains.....

Not enough space on the table, under the table put a bigger toys and some books. Can you imagine how many times he will read besides play lots all those tempting toys? Ha..ha...very seldom....

Not to mention, balls and one space gun. The gun is so noisy that I would run as far as I can if he play it!

Mika: All the toys are tidy and put nice in its place ok. This happen only when Aqie not at our house. I will show you my toys later ok.

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