Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another year to celebrate........

Yong: This is what I wear today, my favourite t-shirt. I love this cool smiley face! No fancy birthday celebration today, but I eaten a lot during this two days! Saturday, I had pre-celebration with my Mom at JJ, Bukit Tinggi having our lunch at Secret Recipes and then do some shopping. I'm looking for a new purse as my birthday gift but not find the design that I like.

Then today, I bake a cake to bring to our office annual dinner which coincidentally fall on my birthday! Lucky me! I also repeat the tortilla pizza for our tea time. Three hours before, I had my dinner and the staffs surprise me with another cake! Look like I had to put on diet for the rest of this week......har..har..

Anyway, I'm happy and "bersyukur" that I'm still alive and well to face another year of my life.

Mika: Happy birthday Yong!

When I got home, I had my time with Mika ......we talk....we cuddle.....He was at home all day today! Thank you my loyal partner......I love soooo much!

Then....I watch him wash his face, get ready to sleep.

To all friends thank you for the birthday wishes!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Caturday blues......

Mika: Tomorrow is Yong' s birthday, I need to find a gift for her! May be internet can help me to find it.

Mika: Reading make me fall asleep. Better shut my eyes for a while.

Mika: ...zzzzzz

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tortilla pizza for dinner

I tried new recipes for our dinner. I call it tortilla pizza! Actually I want to make this for our tea time but since Mom what to do some errands, so I switch it to dinner instead. Very easy to prepare. This recipe inspire from one of the restaurant that I went during my sister's birthday. I can't remember the name of the food but this is my version.

Tortilla Pizza


2 pieces of tortillas (plain or wholemeal)
Ready made spaghetti sauce
Prawn stock (can use chicken stock too)
200g minced chicken or beef
Yellow capsicum ( can add any vegetables of your choice)
Beef or chicken sausage (slice)
Mozzarella cheese
Olive oil


Heat the olive oil and saute the minced chicken until slightly cook and add 1/2 cup of the stock. Then pour the spaghetti sauce and cook until the sauce reduce slightly. Season the sauce with salt & pepper if needed.

Spread the sauce on the first tortilla and add topping of your choices (mine I put slices of yellow capsicum & chicken sausage) and pour mozzarella cheese on top of it. Then take the second tortilla to cover it. I use gas oven preheated 250 F and bake each side about 10 minutes.

The taste I really love it! Even my BIL give 2 thump-up! Next time I will try with beef and put chili to spice it up. Try it ok....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

NEW YEAR chapter in life

Happy New Year 2012 to all the bloggers! Wish all of you with good health,lot of the happiness and wealth prosper.

Year 2011 was proof to be challenging for me in term of my work and consume my time completely. Any how I'm grateful. Mika also face his worst time with patience and with lots of love, he had gain his weight back in just 2 month! Now his weight 6 kg!

2012 is time to face new challenge and explore new opportunities. With all to eager to face the new beginning, don't forget to love oneself and be kind to oneself. For me, I will properly update my blog ( I've been slacking so badly....haaiizz) and also to learn how to "upbeat" my blog and continue on baking and cooking so that the passion won't diminish!

What a great way to celebrate the first day of new year with this simple roasted chicken. Thanks to Edi from Adorablecupcake for this quick & easy dish. It's my first and well..... it's all right the outcome not so purrrfect.

I cook 1/2 chicken and this is what you need:

Seasoning the chicken:
Lemon juice + lemon zest + black pepper + salt + olive oil-be generous( all to your taste) or just buy ready seasoning powder. I use Marcomick's Lemon and pepper seasoning.

In your roast pan, drizzle olive oil, smear the rosemary or thyme(dried or fresh) all over and then place the unpeeled garlic, butter(about 1 tablespoon) and chopped onion. You also can add
chopped carrot, broccoli and red potatoes . Place the marinate chicken and drizzle more olive oil
on the chicken. Depend on you oven,if use electric oven temp at 180 C and roast about 1 hour.
Since I use gas oven,I preheated the oven 250 F and it cook for 1hr & 30 min.

The end result not so perfect as I'm not generous in my seasoning and not put extra olive oil. However the taste is not that bad just lack of seasoning. I will try again and now I'm proud that I can do roasted chicken! Yippey!

For Mika, a good way to celebrate is to conquer the sofa for a greaat sleep! so simple and peaceful. Can you see his big tummy!

Enjoy your new year! Cheers!