Monday, January 31, 2011

Hang out on the roof and postcard from Taiwan

Yong: After breakfast, while I'm taking my bath, Mika jumps to Mom's window.

Mika: It's raining today....

Mika: I better sits cat will come out on this raining.

Yong: Later that day, I'm going out to a friend wedding and home at about 4.00pm. I found Mika sleeping at the hall. It's raining all day....
Yong: I have received a postcard from Adan+Lego+Michico from Taiwan. I showed to Mika before he disappear to Mom's room.

Mika: It's beautiful postcard. We really appreciate it.

Yong: Later that evening we watch Adan-way blog and see what his ups to since Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

Mika: Yong, we better send a thank you message to Michico and Adan and Lego too...

Yong: Michico, thank you for your gorgeous postcard. We really...really treasure it. Because of your blog, I start this journey with Mika...hugs and kisses...

Why Yong always wakes up early even weekend....

Mika: Good morning everybody.... it's 6.50 am now. Time for my breakfast, actually this is late.

Mika: Come follow my footstep...

Mika: Straight to the kitchen door.

Mika: Yong faster please, it's late now. I'm hungry!!!

Mika: I told you not to wake up late......

Mika: Hurry!!!!

Yong: Weekdays I always wakes up around 5.30 am and Mika always had his breakfast around 6.30am - 6.45am. Where he be around that 1 hour? He always wonder on the roof while I'm taking my morning bath. When I'm doing my make-up then he pop from the window just like he knew that I have finished bathing. So, today I wake up late around 6.30am instead of 6.00am which I usually do on Saturday and Sunday. I just follow him to downstairs to give his breakfast without taking my bath first. You see I never wakes up after 7.00am if I do either Mom's knock my door or Mika will bite my foot or Mika will meowing loudly!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sleep together

Yong: When Aqie saw Mika laying down, he said with low voice " Mama Yong nak tido gan Mika"( Aqie wants to sleep with Mika). This is the only time and closes he gets to sleep with Mika other than that Mika will never sleep with Aqie. So very lucky!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Big blue bag

Mika: Where are you going with this big blue bag? Can I get in side and follow you?

Mika: Pleeaaseee.....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Waiting place

Mika: This is a good spot to wait Yong from work. I wonder if she can see me?

Mika: Yong.....I found new place to wait for you. You happy see me in this box?

Yong: Yes! I can see you from the porch when I park the car.

Mika:'s comfy too! I can use to watch squirrels and other cats too!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hand wrestle

Yong: We had a hand wrestling on Monday night. I use hand glove to protect my hand but you can still fill the teeth and claws. This ia a fun game that we usually play since Mika just a kitten. Also a good practise for fighting since Mika do not engage in major real cat fight. This is a lazy fighting as Mika just attack from the sofa.

Mika: Ha!! Fighting time!!!

Yong: Fuh!!! Lucky.... the claws does not penetrate the glove!

Mika: Attaaaccck!!!!

Mika: You can't get away from me!!!!

Yong: Waaa..chaaaa!

Mika: How dare you wack me! Nnnngaaap!!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yong: I wonder what Aqie whispers to Mika in this early morning........There must be a good plan since both of them are so close together. I hope they had a wonderful Monday instead of blue Monday.....Both of them may suddenly have mood swing altogether! Be good my boys!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Camera flash

Mika: Yong......I really...really...really hate camera flash! See my angry face......

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Mika: What's that!!!???

Mika: What's shaking Mom's garden?

Mika: Hm..there goes the mischievous squirrel!

Breakfast Everyone.....

Mika: Good morning everyone.. I just ask Yong to get my breakfast..

Mika: Hope you have a delicious and healthy breakfast.....

P/S: I will continue the last batch of the cookies and it should finish by this afternoon. Hopefully Sunday will be my leisure day with Mika. Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Conflake Raisin Cookies

Mika: I'm right, Yong has project to do today.

Yong: My friend ask me to make her cornflake cookies for Chinese New Year. She need 5 medium bottle, so I need to make about 250 pieces. Thats the reason I take leave today to start so that I could deliver to her by next week.

Mika: As usually, I wait at my sofa and watch her mixing the ingredient. Please finish it soon ok....

Mika: Waiting is boring... I better sleep first....

Yong: I start from 10.30 am and stop about 1.00 pm to prepare our simple lunch then I start again the second batch around 4.00 end up finish until 6.oo pm. Mika just hang around outside the whole day and only came in taking his lunch. The actual recipe has raisin in it but my friend does not like it so she just ask me to put cornflake only. Anyhow with or without raisin, it's still taste crunchy and unstoppable once you munch it! Click the photo to enlarge it. Here the recipe.....

220g self raising flour ( add 10g if you exclude the raisin)
230g butter
120g icing sugar
2 small egg (I use omega egg)
2 teaspoon vanilla
160g raisin (yellow)
325g Nestle cornflake(used food processor to smash it)


- Grease the baking pan with butter
- Pour raisin into the flour and set aside
- In another bowl,beat butter and icing sugar until smooth. Add egg and beat again then put vanilla. Then fold the raisin+flour into the butter mixture and mix it well
- Take small spoon, scoop small batter onto cornflakes,roll, lift and place in a greased pan
- Bake for 20 minute with preheat oven to 160 C
- Store in airtight container

P/S: I have this recipe since I'm in secondary school so it's a favourite during hari raya.

So early...

Mika: Who disturb my beauty sleep...Who switch on the light........

Aqie: Mika...wake up! Me and ultraman want to play with you!

Aqie: Mika.......

Mika: Drama kid! Are you kidding me! This is too early!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Play with Yong again!

Yong: Actually, I have a little project...he..he.. anyway before I let Mika know, we play the fur again

Mika: Oooo...I miss it!

Mika: Oooop! I play with the wrong thing!

Mika: I jump to Yong's thigh! Ha..ha..I want to let her know that I mean business....

Yong: I get your message! There a few scratch wound on my thigh....sooooo painful!

Mika: Yong's lap is better than play with the fur.

Mika: Yong, where the fur goes?

Mika: Playing is so tiring.....Let take rest......

Yong: Half hour later, I took Mika to my room and easily he slide to his blanket and close his eyes..

Yong: So deep......

Yong: Too much play will result this posing...

Cool cat!

Mika: I look cool in this sport car. Thanks to Aqie for borrowing this car to me. Yong just told me that she will have 4 days holiday starting Thursday until the weekend. Good! It's about time she spend time with me....or she has other project to do! I wonder.........

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Morning bird friend

Mika: What a beautiful morning..No wonder my bird friends so happy today...