Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Which one ?

Yong: Last Friday, Mika has lost his collar and I really upset since I have to buy another collar for him. The type of collar that I bought for Mika is very difficult to get in the pet shop here, it got safety hook so that it won't hurt Mika. I just bought that collar 2 month ago. At the moment Mika use a spare collar that I kept in case it happen again. This weekend need to find new collar and hopefully I can find really nice and funky collar for the new year too!

Mika: Sorry Yong......
Let cheer Yong little bit ok? Take look at the photo below, which collar looks cool on me?

Tiger collar which the one that I lost during my patrol on Friday

The spare collar

Mika: I have my own choice......Happy choosing..

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  1. mekasih suke blog akak..yis tu jenis kering.kalau gi kedai runcit mintak je kat org jaga kedai tu nak 'mauripan yis'.dia tahu la tu..dlm peket kuning...harga dlm 60sen kot..ke 80 sen.mcm tu la..minat kucing ye..aku pun sukeee..gerammmm tengok lah