Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rest, View & Project Steam 1

Mika: Viewing at this open hall is great!. Mom's lawn and porch are great to see any movement, birds, squirrels,humans and butterfly. Yong just come back from baking shop. She has project to do tonight.

Mika: My head so steady to observe the outside.

Mika: I have good watch eye.

Mika: I saw my neighbour just park the car outside. Nice breezy.....too!

Yong: Later that night, I make some apam(steam muffin). It's been long while since I make any cakes or sweets desserts. So I call this first try out is "Project Steam". Three days ago I discovered a wonderful blog about cakes and sweet desserts so I said to myself to try one of the simple one.

In the steammer goes my apam batter. Hope for the best...

First tray....just out from the steammer.

Mika pop in to have his drink then he stay in the kitchen until I finished steam the apam.

The taste is ok, not too sweet, good to have with coffee.

The batter can make 18 cups. So this apam will be our breakfast tomorrow....


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