Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday outing

Mika: Hello...just check out what Yong having breakfast this Saturday .....
Yong: I'm having left over pizza from last night, la babe... You have to be by yourself today as we plan to go outing today. Guard the house ok...


Yong: We decided to go to Mid Valley to see the Christmas decoration and do some shopping or rather window shopping....ha..ha..
I have to wait my sister and his son, Aqie, from Klang to fetch us. We start the journey at 11.00 am and due to heavy jam to the parking area in Mid Valley, we only reach at the mall 12.15 pm. So we have our lunch first in Secret Recepies. See below how happy Aqie with his food. By the way, the ladybird cake photo was taken by Aqie!

Then we headed to the Christmas decoration section. Everything that have bears Aqie would love to take picture with it. Mommy and Aqie so adorable with the bears. We also stop by Jaya Jusco and MPH bookstore where Aqie got his blue balloon. Since the mall is full of people, we decided not to do heavy shopping because Aqie would be cranky all the time. All day walking and walking just to take photo.

We have Gelato Fruity, before we end our day at Mid Valley. Tired and have sore legs but it worth to see Aqie so happy all day!

Still I manage to buy Phillips blender and book title Natural Cat Care. My sister bought 2 small pillows and Chuggington's puzzle for Aqie.

Mika: Sniff..sniff...What is this? No interesting smell from it...

Mika: The picture looks familiar...Yong is this a noisy machine?

Before sleep, I show the book to Mika.

Mika: Hey, the cat just look like me.....

Yong: Perasan la kamu....!

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