Sunday, February 26, 2012

Celebration continues.......

Mika: Happy Sunday to furry friends and human friends too.......I was forced by Yong to report the human family activities for this weekend.

While I was busy clean my fur on Friday night at my favourite spot, suddenly this familiar stuffs appear in front of me! Can you guess it?

Yong: On Saturday, Aqie's birthday bash continues.......we invite our friends and cousins to celebrate it! What a joyful day we had......

The cake theme was the famous bird of all time,Angry Bird! My sister encounter emotional stress in order to get this cake! This is not the design she want....:op

The foods........part ordered and part home made cook. And of course my decadent spaghetti meatball as a main menu! I also made bread & butter pudding, my Mom also contribute making "marble" pudding. Someday I will show you ok.

Happy birthday again Aqie! He was so shy when we all sang the song and he refused to blow the candle so Daddy had to blow on behalf.....anyway next month will be Daddy birthday so he had an early celebration...he..he...

The night after freshen up, open gift time!

Mika: Where was me the whole time? Of course I will disappear on the roof and only come back during dinner time.....I'm a shy cat too!

Some of the gifts that Aqie received from the generous guests....thank you all for coming and we hope you had enjoy the foods.....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Aqie!

Let's start the party! Food are ready and we off to Aqie's school to surprise him...

Are you jealous Mika?

Surprise! Surprise! The kids so excited!

His 4 now....speech please.......ha...ha....

Happy birthday to you.....happy birthday to you.....happy birthday to Hariry Muqrie.......

Acara makan bermula......Aqie helped teacher to distribute the cupcake.....

Doa makan jangan di lupa......

Don't they just so behave and proper during eating......good boys & girls....

Siapa nak jajan(goodies)......sila beratur.....

Kenapa serius Aqie ni? Bagi la jajan tu!

Macam menteri beri hadiah pada rakyat jelata......:o))

Ini untuk cikgu......terima kasih cikgu.......

Monday, February 20, 2012

Countdown to Aqie's birthday

Yong: Today is Aqie's birthday.....he..he..before we get to the party here what we do during Saturday. He woke up very early on that day....7.00 am to be exact! So I asked you want to help to prepare cupcake? He took my hand and you know what, he just do what ever I asked him to do....from take the bowl, sifted the flour and cocoa. We just get ready the batter since that morning we planned to get some stuffs for Aqie's celebration in school.

Mika: Hei! Where is my breakfast! You guys should prepare that first!

On Sunday, I decorate the cupcake. Impress ha!

Mika! You are also on the cupcake! Ha..Ha..

The goodies bag for Aqie's friends.....hope they will trill to see this stuffs!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Easy like Sunday

Yong: As usual Mika had his free and easy Sunday .......and I again busy in the kitchen.....:op Have something surprise for Aqie's birthday tomorrow......:o)

Mika: Sunday mean nap all day.....hope you all had a better day then Yong........

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little creature.....

Yong: Suddenly he jump to the side of the lappy........what's his up to now?

Ha....ha.....this little creature has occupy his attention!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm really a cat blogger......

Mika: I'm really a cat blogger.....with the help of Yong of course. See...I close monitor even when she is typing.....tap...tap....

Don't trust me? I'm really serious cat blogger! My face expression say it all.....

Monday, February 13, 2012

What's hot in the oven?

Yong: I will posting what I'm baking or cooking to share with you all. I guess Monday will be my spot. So no Monday mancat for Mika but what hot in the oven will perk up your Monday....I hope....:o)

Saturday, I bought a pack of blackberry and decided to make topping to serve with vanilla ice-cream...then I thought that just so simple then I check on Kak Rima's recipe....well I choose Molten chocolate cake to pair with it. Here is the recipe from Kak Rima( )


The batter before get into the oven. Kak Rima, is there something not right with my batter?

It's bit overdone. The center not have that lava of chocolate when I spoon it. Well....I still love it!

I serve it with vanilla ice-cream and blackberry sauce. Awesome! Do try and you feel so drooling....yummieh!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fresh Sunday!

From behind I'm not that fat! Right people!

Let me do my stuff first as my tongue is busy just watch my clean and fresh Sunday look!

Yong: Good all toes and paws are clean now! Don't you just love that tummy! Can't wait to snuggle on it!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Caturday

I had a happy morning today. Yong not working, so I'm thinking to give a hand to help her to prepare breakfast.

But Yong! I'm ready with my two hand......what can I help you?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Show of......

Yong: February is birthday month for Mom and Aqie, yesterday we celebrate Mom's birthday. I manage to bake simple and easy rainbow cake. So let me show of my rainbow cake.....:o)


Just bought any plain cake mix, follow instruction from the box........very easy right!

Then, divide into 4 if you use small baking pan, colour them with your favourite colour.........

I use buttercream to spread each layer and then top the rest of the cake with buttercream too and just using icing decorating alphabates to wrote "happy birthday". I don't dare to attempt to do difficult design...:op

Taadaaa.....! A simple and delicious cake for Aqie to enjoy who are so trilled to eat it.

Mika: Now it's time for me to show of ! Move over Yong!

My powerful claws are force to be reckon for every cats in the neighbourhood!

This soft paws too make every one in the house falls in love.......Ooops! Sorry its a bit off white! Must ask Yong to take bath this weekend.

The end.....good night everyone...