Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New cat on the block

This was taken on Sunday, about 11.oo am after I just return from the market. There is something or someone that attract Mika to this spot. This spot he usually go if he want to check out cat movement or something that interest his curiosity.

Mika: Check out this cool chick!

Yong: Oooo....what a gorgeous persian cat. Slowly I walk to her.

Yong: Hey beauty, what has interst you to come this area?

Yong: She is really beautiful but I failed to photo her face! I bet she must escape from her owner house and saw several cats at that house, so she take a peek.

Yong: See! Mika still at his spot not moving!

The cat: Enough! I better move on.....

Yong: I still can't shot her face. She is too quick. I follow her until she reach her owner house ( I think so because she stop at someone gate). Then I ask that person if this beauty is her cat and joyfully she say it is. May be the cat just need some adventure! Hope to bump with you again!

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