Monday, October 31, 2011

Tocktober......the last day

Mika: Today is the last day of October.......all friends have show off their tocks so it's my turn now.....

The hook tock! Har...har...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Apple muffin.....all time favourite...

Yong: Hi I can't resist anymore to bake something, Mom said there are two green apple in the fridge. So....what cross my mind is apple muffin! This is my favourite and it's been a while I bake them. It's so easy and I got this recipe from my step mother.

2 green apple
1/2 orange (only need the juice)
1/2 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil(I use canola oil)
1 1/4 cup flour
1 teaspoon soda bicarbonate
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 egg
1 tablespoon golden raisin ( I use handful because I love golden raisin)

1) Dice cube the green apple then put handful of golden raisin & pour the orange juice. Put aside for 5 minute

2) Mix dry ingredient - flour + soda bicarbonate + salt+cinnamon powder

3) Mix the wet ingredient - whisk sugar + egg + oil until combine

4) Pour half of the flour and mix together then put 1/2 of the apple mix then pour the rest of the flour and apple, fold gently & mix until well combined

Mika: Is my dinner ready yet????

Yong: Oooops......this is not your dinner.....give me 2 minutes ok....:o))

The batter and ready to put in the baking tray. Line the baking tray with paper cup. Pre-heat the oven 300F (gas oven) and bake about 25 to 30 minutes.

The muffin ready to eat now!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New kid on the block...

Mika: Hi.......How is your day? Hope you all will have a good weekend. Let me share with you something......just hang on a minute

Mika: Come.....let me show you this new kid on the block!

Mika: See....see...His colour is same with me but not as handsome as me.....

Yong: Mula la tu nak perasan!

Yong: Nice to meet you young lad! Be careful ok....

Mika: No wonder the kid stuck at that fence, he being watch by this old friend of mine, Mr Pibun. He actually younger than me but every stray cat would not like to bump with him.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are you miss me?

Mika: Hi friends, you all must be wandering what with the long silence. Actually I'm not feeling well last week as I had fever with tempt. 40C. I still recovering from sore eyes but it's ok now as I can open my left eyes not like last week. Yong call me 'Pirate Mika' without the black eye-patch!

Yong: Yeah...... Mika looks like pirate! I also involve in this silence too. Since I got back from the Kuching vacation, I've been busy with work like mad! Everyday I arrived home late, even I have to force myself to work on Saturday! At the moment, I'm postponing my baking activity. I really miss it!

Mika: This is me last week, always sleep and lay on bed......I guess the experience being left alone during Yong's vacation has affect my health this time.

Yong: Mika never had health issue before, but with the boarding never know right. Well.....I can't never give up to support him with love and cuddle.....

Mika: Aqie, was such a great kid during that time. He behave good and really care for my health. He even persuade Yong to quickly send me to the vet. Well......kid will be always kid, he still can't resist to bully me but with less roughness.......he..he...

Yong: Since I never got a chance to celebrate Mika's Gothca Day last weekend, I bought his favourite chicken today and got his new tiger- stripped collar

Mika: Is this for real, a box of KFC .....all..........for me!

Mika: Hurry!.....I'm really hungry.......

Yong: The chicken need to be shredded......first it's ready for you.... your highness.......

Mika: Bon appetit everybody!

Yong: We would like to wish all our Hindu's friend Happy Diwali!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gotcha Day!

Mika: Today is my Gotcha Day! What better to do than clean my face on this day!

Mika: I just recover from fever and cold. From the last post, my health slightly has recover from the sore eye and coughing but after the outdoor outing.....I got fever and cold. Yong also took time off on Thursday morning to sent me to the vet(which I trying to avoid). The assistant vet gave few medicine. That's also why Yong missed blogging and update new, besides Yong very busy with her work. I will talk to her not to miss blogging next time!

Yong: Ok....ok that part is definitely my slacking. I'll think of something to celebrate your Gotcha Day this weekend.....ya... Faster finish up and get your beauty sleep.

Dear friends, please drop your well wishes greeting to Mika so that he won't be so disappointed.....:o)
Ooops......I've still yet to say something! Let see.........Your the best partner I ever have, a good companion, very calm but I can't stand your picky eating......and I really...really love you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feeling better.......

Mika: Right now.....I feel better already. My voice also gradually getting better but I still have coughing. I guess this is due to hairball.

Mika: My eyes are ok and cured. Yong has cleaned it with warm water and I don't have to go to the vet. What a relief......

Mika: Too long stay indoors making me always sleepy.......yawnnnnnn....

Mika: Let's the hunt begin!

Mika: Knock! Knock! Can I enter?

Yong: Mika! You are blossom like the flower! Happy to see you walking snooping the area. Find anything interesting?

Mika: Look at that!

Mika: Lay low.......

Mika: This area has a scent that very familiar!

Mika: Hunting is over.....

Mika: Relaxing after the long walk......I've exposed myself and acknowledged my existance to this block.

Yong: I notice that when I comeback from the holiday, Mika always want to sleep near me and run to fetch me when I return home from office. Well.... for this case,of all the space on the bed, why he choose this area?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kuching trip 2

Since the wheather was so hot, we did not go to the beach instead we headed to crocodile farm. We came during school day, our cousin are kind enough to get their kids 1 off day from school! Aqie was so happy that he can go with his BFF.

Welcome to the Jon's Crocodile Farm & Zoo. This place located outside of the town & it took about 45 minute to get there.

This is a first time Aqie saw real life crocs and he never stop chatting and call out what they are doing and amazed how big they are....We missed the show session which start at 11.00 am.

This croc was caught by the village people.

Have you seen a tailess croc before?

On the way back home,we stopped to vase shop and bought some souvenirs and Mom also bought a vase. You can also visit their work area and try making the vase yourself.

We visited Cat Museum on the last day. You must come here if you are a cat lover. After that we when to look for Kek Lapis Sarawak. Mira's Cake House was recommended by my Auntie which located near Waterfront. Don't worry you can taste the cake before you buy them.

Cat Museum.

These two cat figures that catched my eyes and I thought they are so cute! The left was handcraft with seashell. Very creative.

The morning before we fly back to KL, we headed to Pasar Tamu in Satok to buy "terubuk masin" a famous salted fish. When you in Sarawak this is a must to buy! Photo above shows Mom & my sister listening to the fish man explaining different type of grade and ultimately we bought 26 pieces! Well....luckily we have a spare luggage........phewwww.....

Kuching trip 1

Yong: Finally I get to upload the photos and write something about our vacation. Its great to see the family after the last time we've been there about 10 years ago. The kids are the most enjoyful to meet new family and their cousins. The wheather there is very hot, only the day when we fly back it was raining.

Aqie new BFF in Sarawak, my cousin's son, Reza. They take care of each other and share the game together.

Here we had our dinner near Waterfront.

How fortunate that we met these 2 macho cats! I particularly like this grey tabby.

Oooo.... I wish if this was Mika!

Of course shopping is one of the agenda! You can get anything at the main bazaar near Waterfront. This time around I bought 4 t-shirts, several key-chains and fridge magnets.

After we done shoppping, Aqie pursuade us to go for fish feeding and all the cousins' kids join in! You can imagine how to handle all those energetic kids!


Not normal.......

Mika: Hi.......can you all still recognize me? After come back from the boarding center, I still not feel normal as before....I have problem with my voice and always sneezing. But my appetite has improved....

Yong: Poor Mika....... he still not adjusted from his experience being put in the boarding center and left alone outside his comfort zone. I feel so guilty......:o(( When I get back from work today, he has sore eye. I hope he will get better soon as his Gothca Day is approaching in 2 weeks time.

Every morning, Mika always need to be cuddle and urged to wake up from bed.....Hope you get well dear partner......muaahhh!