Thursday, November 15, 2012


During Diwali, I decided to try to make macaron, I got the macaron sheet from Kak Rima, only after 5 month I have time to try this super delicate dessert. Can you see Mika on the sofa.....?

The last time I tried, the batter a bit runny but this time I think its thick & creamy. 

I made 3 trays, 2 with the macaron sheet & 3rd tray with parchment paper. First tray before baking valcono! Not happy!......:o((

Even Aqie show his sad face! And question "Kenapa dia pecah? Boleh makan ke?"

The first tray, I have to throw as the inside is not cook.

Second tray still looks like volcano, however the last tray not so bad only few crack but no feet!

Well.....never give up, will try again and again but not too soon....ha...ha...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Can we........?

Aqie: Mommmmmyyy.......can we have our dinner together???? Pleasssseee........

P/S Yong: The look are priceless!