Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aqie's things...

If Mika has his things to do before sleep, Aqie also has his activity before went to sleep. Aqie like to watch movie in his Daddy's lappy. His favourite now is Ultraman Cosmos, before this he used to watch Thomas, the train. He either falls asleep watching it or if still manage to hold his eyes he will suck his finger asking his Mommy for milk then sleep.

His eyes getting tired and very sleeping but....

He insisting to watch it and even want to stuck his head on the screen.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sleeping face

Mika as usual fall asleep while I'm updating the blog. I love seeing Mika sleeping style, when I look at him I'm also want to go to sleep.....yawnnnn.....

Mika: Come...join me Yong......zzzzzzzzz

Mika: Dreaming..........

Mika: So comfy......

Yong: The warmth from my lappy that make Mika have very dreamy sleeping...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Which one ?

Yong: Last Friday, Mika has lost his collar and I really upset since I have to buy another collar for him. The type of collar that I bought for Mika is very difficult to get in the pet shop here, it got safety hook so that it won't hurt Mika. I just bought that collar 2 month ago. At the moment Mika use a spare collar that I kept in case it happen again. This weekend need to find new collar and hopefully I can find really nice and funky collar for the new year too!

Mika: Sorry Yong......
Let cheer Yong little bit ok? Take look at the photo below, which collar looks cool on me?

Tiger collar which the one that I lost during my patrol on Friday

The spare collar

Mika: I have my own choice......Happy choosing..

Monday, December 27, 2010


What is catwalk?

Catwalk describes a narrow, usually elevated platform that runs into an auditorium, used by models to demonstrate clothing and accessories during a fashion show - Wikipedia

Mika: This is the original catwalk should be!

Mika: The eyes must straight up to the focus point. At this moment Yong's camera is my focus point. Your toes should face forward and the walk must parallel with the narrow wall so that it will create swing. For each stride, you must lift your foot a good distance off the ground and then place it down a good distance in front of the supporting leg.

Mika: Even the narrowest wall, you still can balance the walk perfectly. No matter your part of the toesie are out of order.

Mika: The important thing is know how to balance and make good posture while walk through it

Mika: The cross- leg is also essential to give a good posture. The cross must be at the right time or it won't give a perfect either.

Mika: Hope you fancy on the tips! Happy weekend!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zoo Negara

Mika: Today is a public holiday,Yong made plan went to the zoo. I'm by myself all all day sleeping!!!

Yong: We went with our cousin, who has 2 kids who could occupy Aqie. We have a blast day even though we missed 3 sections to visit. Check out our trip below and you can click the picture to enlarge it. Along at the Savannah Walk, my camera suddenly shut down due to empty

Yong: Farewell zoo, we will visit you again to complete the unvisited one.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New!

Hi everybody, we hope you'll have a very good weekend and this wonderful occassion will bring good health and happiness all through the years.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The 2 sisters

Mika: Let me tell you about this 2 sisters...

Mika: Didn't I tell you that Yong let me audit all the photos and words in the blog?

Mika: Hmm.....this photo of me is perfect. Good!

Yong: All approve Mika?

Mika: Ok, proceed to publish!
Mika: This is Yong's youngest sister, we call her Kak Dik. She likes to hang out with Yong when Aqie already sleep. Always Yong's room be "lepak "place for them,even Mom occasionally come and join the chatting.

Mika: Girls....!! They chat and browse internet all night. Yong, I'm falling asleep.....

Kak Dik: Relax Mika....give me chance with Yong ok...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is this fair?

Mika: This what I had for dinner last night......

Yong: And this what we had for our dinner!

Mika: Is this fair????

Cat theme

Yong: I'm a cat lover, even my work station had cats theme.

Yong: This lucky cat miniature was given my friend, Hui Kun, when she visited Japan in 2009.

Yong: The big blue eye cat was a birthday present from my best friend, Yana in JB. I name it Milo and he has been with me since 2005. He only stayed in the office all year round except one time I brought back for cleaning. So Milo need to clean for new year 2011!

Yong: This is my favourite screen saver at the moment. Don't they cute and cuddley!

Yong: This little space is for my collections which I put in the office. Need some girlie stuffs as I'm working with men...ha..ha...

Yong: Last but not least, even my car key has cat following me. This was given by my friend, Shantini when she went for business trip in Japan.

The only collection that I have in my house is of course Mika!!!! Nothing artifical about that...Muaaahhh!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday ride; Another project!

Mika: I love when Yong take me for a ride on Sunday. I could see many things through this window.

Mika: Yong, I'm ready now. Where are we going?

Yong: Just round the block. Don't scratch my seat ok...
Mika: I'll sit and just chill out.....
Yong: If I have the time, I will take Mika for a short ride around the house either on Saturday or Sunday. He will always stand like the top photo or sit on the dashboard or at the back window board.

Mika: After the ride, Yong doing the project again! It's baking time. This time I will not guard her since Aqie yet to come back from his grandpa house.

Yong: Yes! I try another receipe from the new blog that I discover last week. Thank you Rima, a very simple receipe yet yummy! The brownies is delicious even Mika like the smell of the cheese. I give him a little lick on my finger..ha..ha..pitty you can't eat it!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday outing

Mika: Hello...just check out what Yong having breakfast this Saturday .....
Yong: I'm having left over pizza from last night, la babe... You have to be by yourself today as we plan to go outing today. Guard the house ok...


Yong: We decided to go to Mid Valley to see the Christmas decoration and do some shopping or rather window shopping....ha..ha..
I have to wait my sister and his son, Aqie, from Klang to fetch us. We start the journey at 11.00 am and due to heavy jam to the parking area in Mid Valley, we only reach at the mall 12.15 pm. So we have our lunch first in Secret Recepies. See below how happy Aqie with his food. By the way, the ladybird cake photo was taken by Aqie!

Then we headed to the Christmas decoration section. Everything that have bears Aqie would love to take picture with it. Mommy and Aqie so adorable with the bears. We also stop by Jaya Jusco and MPH bookstore where Aqie got his blue balloon. Since the mall is full of people, we decided not to do heavy shopping because Aqie would be cranky all the time. All day walking and walking just to take photo.

We have Gelato Fruity, before we end our day at Mid Valley. Tired and have sore legs but it worth to see Aqie so happy all day!

Still I manage to buy Phillips blender and book title Natural Cat Care. My sister bought 2 small pillows and Chuggington's puzzle for Aqie.

Mika: Sniff..sniff...What is this? No interesting smell from it...

Mika: The picture looks familiar...Yong is this a noisy machine?

Before sleep, I show the book to Mika.

Mika: Hey, the cat just look like me.....

Yong: Perasan la kamu....!