Monday, December 13, 2010

Yum..yum..lepat labu

Yong: This is the lepat labu (wrap pumpkin) that Mom steamed that afternoon. The colour is so nice...

Aqie, my nephew just got back from his weekend with grandpa, when his Mommy want to eat it. He excited see the "yellowish kuih"!

Aqie: Apa tu?(What's that?)
Yong: He rush to the table to get one.

Aqie: Aqie Aqie punye...(He insisted to do it himself)

Yong: How's the verdict Mommy & Aqie?
Mommy & Aqie: Nice......seh....

P/S: Until Aqie arrived to our house about 10.00pm, Mika still outside doing his night patrol. Only during weekend I allow him to go out at night. I fetch Mika about 10.30pm, just call his name he will come home...


  1. mna lagi best? lepat ka upin ipin? x pon thomsa? ke ada new favorite? hihi

    adik nashrif