Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cat theme

Yong: I'm a cat lover, even my work station had cats theme.

Yong: This lucky cat miniature was given my friend, Hui Kun, when she visited Japan in 2009.

Yong: The big blue eye cat was a birthday present from my best friend, Yana in JB. I name it Milo and he has been with me since 2005. He only stayed in the office all year round except one time I brought back for cleaning. So Milo need to clean for new year 2011!

Yong: This is my favourite screen saver at the moment. Don't they cute and cuddley!

Yong: This little space is for my collections which I put in the office. Need some girlie stuffs as I'm working with men...ha..ha...

Yong: Last but not least, even my car key has cat following me. This was given by my friend, Shantini when she went for business trip in Japan.

The only collection that I have in my house is of course Mika!!!! Nothing artifical about that...Muaaahhh!

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