Thursday, November 24, 2011

Little kitty look after little baby......

Yong: This is our neighbour 's little kitty. The kitty accompany the baby sleeping. Don't they look so lovely......

Having a cat at home is the most enjoyable and comforting feelings you will have if you treat them with love too. I still remember the first time I had Mika, he never the chosen one at first time(there were 4 kitten to choose from) but when I finally want to bring a cat home I just fall in love with this cute and orangie kitten. He was very energetic little kitty and run so fast........but very shy to people.

All the year I'm with Mika, his character even depicted little of my character too. I'm not very outspoken, Mika also not so vocalise, he seldom raise his voice except when demanding for food. The best part is Mika always stay in the house if I'm not working. He always follow me in the house, accompany me in the kitchen and lay lazily on couch with me. To me cat is the best friend to ladies even men too.......:o))

If you have cats please gave them the love they deserve, surely you can feels the love from them.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday quiz........

Mika: Guess who put this little tabby cat next to me? If you guess Aqie, then ding! you're right!
But he put it backward.....aaaiizz...

Mika: Who is the most cute?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunny day good for playing but........

Mika: Sunny day it's a good time to play outside but too much sun can sore my eyes, so I only play where there is a shade. Mom's garden always a best spot! Beside little bugs like to visit the flowers.

I spot something big!..........steady.....steady.....

Gotcha! Har...har... it's only Yong's camera cover! Since it's dangling I can't resist it!

Oooops......I off the shade!

Dung! Hey girl! Something smell fishy on your feet!

Yong: Hellooo..! My feet smell fine ooookk.........(instantly get up)

See how genius I am! Yong got the sun I got her shadow to cool down! Har.....har...

Yong P/S: We have new member(idamanja_79) joining our humble blog....yaaay. Thank you. For all friends, thank you for supporting us, we really cherish it.......:o))

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My turn to talk......

Remember I'm being smoochy and heard Yong's talking in last post.........well.......I guess it's my turn now to talk back. After Yong's finished her Subuh(dawn) prayer I step in front of her and start doing this.........
\/ is not working....what is our activity?....want to hear my plan.....Aaaa , I need my breakfast first.....then....bla...bla...bla...

Yong P/S: Balas dendam nampak! (What you give you get back!)

Yong's note: I always have my camera besides my bed. Since Mika slept with me he always wait on the bed or hang on the roof until I finished my bath and also wait patiently when I doing my prayer. He usually stepped in front of the prayer mat or sit on my left side. I was so lucky to snap this pic.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Yong really love me.......

Mika: When Yong got home from office last night, she just swoop me and start talking....talking....muaah...muaah... I think she really love me and miss me so much!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless and cold Wednesday

Yong: Mika was so cozy put his nose near my leg. To night a bit cold since it was raining in the evening. Sweet dream everyone........

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tummy &.........stretchy Tuesday

Mika: Ready for tummy Tuesday........and

A long stretchyyyy..........back too!

Yong, you got all that moves?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Convo photo

Mika: Yong was in joyful mood when she got home from office as the convo photo that she waiting for over 2 month has arrived.

Mika: Good photo and.......hey......even Mom looks younger!

Yong: Thank you YS Photo for your cooperation to response my request. Ultimately locate my photo and deliver it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cake for .......Kak Dik

Mika: "Happy Belated birthday Kak Dik". Since Yong very busy yesterday, only today she can make special cake for Kak Dik. This photo taken ages ago, the one and only my pic with Kak Dik.

Yong: This is steamed chocolate cake, which I found from Izah Daut's blog. Sprinkle with white chocolate taadaaa "Snow Cake". I will share the recipe soon. Actually I owed another 2 recipes to share......:0(

Precious to see my sister happy face! Sorry for the late wishes and enjoy the cake!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lite & easy........

Yong: While Mika taking his nap, I be able to log in the internet and start upload the photo. Doesn't he look so cute and priceless to see this peaceful side!

This is what we had for our breakfast today, spaghetti meatball (top) and Laksa Penang (bottom) from yesterday left over.

The Laksa Penang was prepared by my sister at her in laws house and brought some for our usual what ever my sister cook it will be a hit. When the gravy kept a night, it taste much better.

The guests arrived and they just " serang dapur" (straight go to the kitchen) They chit chat about 30 minute while waiting for my spaghetti ready to be serve, they had the Laksa Penang first.

The foods are full on the table....very satisfying as the guests enjoy every minute of it!

"Makan jangan tak makan. Bersilang tangan masing-masing menjamu selera!"

This is what was left for me to indulge, on the left is chiffon cake which recipe I got from the famous, Kak Rima and the chocolate moist cake is the recipe I got it my neigbour's relative. Next entry I will share with you the recipes ok.

Aaaahhhh......tomorrow back to work! And face the busy schedule as usual.....Have a productive week a head everybody!

The feast is over......time to rest....

Yong: Well........what a busy day indeed! I just finished freshen up and laying on my bed waiting for my eye to get sleepy.....Mika just can't stop not know what he wants! Aaaizzz how can I sleep right now!

Today all day I'm at the kitchen.....since we got news the night before that 4 of my cousins with their family wants to celebrate Eidul Adha with us....we're so do not know what to cook! The plan was to cook "Nasi Minyak", "rendang" ,"udang masak sos" and "sambal goreng" and I also want to cook the second cake this morning. We had to make plan B for the second menu. I call my sister and we decided to make spaghetti meatball. That the easiest and quickest dish that we can think of, beside, we just bought the ready made spaghetti sauce and do some twist on it!

Sorry I forgot to capture all the good foods but will look in my sister FB and upload some of the moment. I bake two cakes, on Saturday I made chiffon cake and this morning I made chocolate moist cake. I will upload the photo and recipe to tomorrow.....hope I have the time to do it.....

I better get some sleep as tomorrow, need to continue to clean all the pots and pans and after that need to send my Mom to get her prescription. Then I can get more rest and be a couch potato all day......miss my tv lol!

Sweet dream!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Salam Eidul Adha..........and it's busy day

Mika: Hello friends.......and salam Eidul Adha to all Muslims. Why I'm on the roof on this beautiful morning?

Mika: Come closer.....Yong said we will have lots of visitors today....Yong very busy in the kitchen to prepare the foods and dessert. So I checking out from here so that I could get away quickly to hide away from them. See my worried face......they will be lots of kids! So all of you have a good holiday and don't eat too much ok!Meow......