Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yong: Mika........time to sleep now.......what's up!

Mika: Look at that!

Mika: How can I sleep when there is an interruption........

Mika: Oooiiitttt lizard! Come down!

Yong: The lizard crawl at the other corner. Mika can't resists to follow it.

Mika: My neck is tired now! not even help me to catch that lizard.

Mika: The chances is very slim.....


P/S Yong: I'm sorry for not blogging all day since I'm really....really....busy and always home from office at night. I've drained my energy during the day and consequencely I neglected the blogging world. Mika very dissappointed in me, he frequently sleep in my Mom's room. Make me sad though.....:o((

I've few stories to tell you all about my outing with my JB best friends and my baking madness last weekend......I can't believe it myself as I bake a cheese cake on Saturday and cupcake on Sunday. That never happen to me! I guess am sick of not baking for quite sometimes.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Because of you......durian (part 2)

Mika: They left me at home because of this stinky fruit! I better stay as far as I can. Mom, how can you love this fruits....

Yong: Look at the colour! The taste soooooo heaven!

Aqie: Mika, you want some.......

Mika: Me? No thanks! I'll stay here and watch you eat.. are you sure want to try?

At first Aqie refuse to taste but, when he lick my finger no stop for this boy. Now we have an addition to the family that love durians.

Because of you......durian (part 1)

Yong: Starts from July, FAMA (Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority), marketing agency under the Ministry of Algriculture held a local fruits festival in Shah Alam. So we headed there on Thursday night and lots of people stalk at the durian stalls. Various durian grades for your choice, and of course we choose the best. The customer can also eat there. Not just durians, they also have rambutans, mangosteen, cempedak (it similar with jackfruit but the texture is a bit different) and langsat (sweet-sour fruit)

People just flock to the durians......

Durians........king of fruits. Either you love them or hate them........still no other fruits can compete with the "king".

Aqie was so excited to see and naming the fruits and feel the texture

Friday, July 22, 2011

Blue collar

Mika: Look.......I wear the new collar that Aqie bought for me.

Yong: You lost again the tiger collar! I really love that collar. Very difficult to get that kind of know.......

Mika: Let me turn my neck so that you can see it. How do I look in blue?

Yong P/S: We go out tonight to go to Plaza Perangsang where FAMA Fruit Festival was held. There are several fruit stall selling local fruits. I will upload the photo tomorrow. By the way my friend from JB, Anum will come down to our house so I will be quite occupy the whole two days. Lots of activity to be done......and Mika will also busy tomorrow as I will take him to the vet to take his vaccination. So wait our story ok.......

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Like a statue......

Don't I just look like a statue. Let me hold this position and see if Aqie will notice me...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Comfort each other.....

Yong: Well......Monday morning is here..... Aqie's Mom and I getting ready to go to work now. The two boys get cozy with each other and comforting each other since both of us will have very busy week a head. Cheers everybody!.....:o)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Comfort me....please....(update)

Yong: Mika.....what are you thinking about?

Mika: I'm very stressful thinking Sunday is end now. Tomorrow you'll be busy again.....

Mika: Please....please....give me something that can cheer me up

Yong: How about I give you little stroke near your's it feels?

Yong: Then.....I give lite stroke at your neck.......aaaaa....feel better now?

Mika: I need more stroke.......waaahhhhh.......more....more....

Mika: See my smile now.......

Playful Sunday = Easy like Sunday

Mika: Yong in the kitchen doing her stuffs......I'm also busy playing with Ms Kickeroo. Seems like today we are stuck together......

Mika: And I got to see the other side of head is quite big!

Mika: Playing with Ms Kickeroo is not easy as it body got stuck in the middle of it. Yong..... get me out of this mess!

Yong: After that, what is better to do than take a nap while waiting the lunch to be served

Mika: Zzzzz..........

Yong: is so easy........

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Morning view

Mika: I missed the lost cat on the roof, we could share the morning view together. Besides we share the same colour. Hope the cat is fine.

Yong P/S: Since the last incident, I never saw the cat anymore. I just hope he will find his owner and in safe place.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great achievement.......convo day

I feel proud of myself and happy for the rest of my classmates that after 1 1/2 year we struggled with the course, finally we had our convo day on Saturday. There are 26 courses and 700+ recipients have received their executive diploma and certificate. I took Executive Diploma in Administrative Accounting in Aug 2009, this course is suitable for working people in order to enhance their career, to improve knowledge and ultimately will help to improve our job. Even though this is not the real deal, I mean.... like convo for degree course but I feel it a great achievement for all the hard work I put on it. Who knows may be after this I will further my study to degree level.....I will try to strive this!

Rehearsal day, 8/7/11

Meeting the friends again and catch-up old stories and memories. The purple bag contains our convo robes

Photo for our memories

Behind is the hall where the convo took place.

Rehearsal time and smile......

Convo day, 9/7/11

My Mom and my sister, together with her hubby and Aqie, tag along with me to University Malaya (UM) to celebrate the day. While I was in the hall (Tunku Canserlor Hall) where the event took place, Aqie and his parent hang around outside.

If you might know in the news or in internet, KL city was in chaos on that day due to illegal assembly. We were stuck in the traffic jam due to road block by the police. Luckily we already anticipate this will happen and we starts the journey as early as 6.45 am and arrive at the hall 1 hour later which the journey should took only 30 minutes!

Do you believe this photo was taken by Aqie? He had a very good steady hand and good focus. Good job Aqie!

Aaaa....kid with his action.

This is after the event and we took some photo. Thanks you for lovely and beautiful rose.

I will put up few more photo once my friends upload it in their FB.

Cat trap on the roof.....

Yong: This cat was trapped on the roof almost 5 days. I notice this cat wandering on Sunday, 3/7/11 but I did not border since previously there is other cat also like wandering on that roof and manage to go down on the same day. Then I notice when I came back from the office on Monday night I heard a cat meowing on the same spot and then came facing to my window.

This orange cat always sit this spot or came to facing my window. Beside me, two of my neighbours also notice this cat and we trying to console the cat and ask him to find way to go down.

My sister called rescue squad on Tuesday but they did not come with proper equipment and they promise to notify the appropriate party. We waited on Wednesday but no one came. Poor the cat...he looked so tired and hungry. He keep wandering all over the roof to find way to get down. He even try to jump but too scared.

My neighbour had a brilliant idea where he put a fish in the plastic bag and throw hardly to the roof. The cat instantly rushed to it and eat the fish...He certainly very hungry luckily on that day, there was rainy and the cat can get water.

Finally, the fire squad came to rescue the cat on Thursday night after our neighbour follow-up with the call and 30 minute later they came and bring the extended ladder to rescue the cat with the help of Mika's kibble that is.......There is no photo since the exposure is too bad and very dark.

We all can finally slept well and there is no cat's meowing every morning since then......Hope he safe now.....

Friday, July 8, 2011

Back to blogging again......

Yong: Hello everyone......were back....Hope you all not miss us. I'm sorry for postponing our blog a bit longer that expected. I'm quite busy now with the new job scope and lately very lazy and sleeping...well almost of the time when I want to start to write. Anyway as promise.....these is what I bought for Mika last Saturday for his tremendous patience with me.

Mika: Ha.......this is the goodies that I told you....Yong put it in an attractive bag

Mika: There two type of toys, two collars and two types of kibbles.....the other one in below photo

Yong: Mika never had any fancy toy so I bought this which can hang it at the door. The toy still yet to open from the box. Need to wait Aqie back to his Grandpa house this weekend. I can't imagine what he will do if I open it earlier......Maybe Mika won't get to play!

Mika: Nice colour for my collar....The blue was choose by Aqie......his favourite colour.

Mika: Yippieeee......I have a kickeroo now. I saw all kitties friends have one so Yong get it one for me.....very pinkish kickeroo! Love it! Love it!

Mika:Hey kickeroo! Where are you?

Mika: These are the two new kibble Yong bought for me. Yong open first from Royal Canin. The taste is so delicious and no strong odour. I'm happy cat on that day!

Yong P/S: I have two stories to tell you all later... One is about a stuck cat and....... tomorrow is my convo day. So wait for the stories ok...