Saturday, December 11, 2010

Morning massage?

Mika: Yong can I have my breakfast now.....Pls rescue me from that dramatic boy!!!


Yong: Earlier, Aqie wakes up & gushing to my usual morning greetings to Mika first before anybody else. Every morning, Mika will wait for me until I get dress up for work and then give him the breakfast. And Aqie will also wait for Mika! You can imagine how busy in my room every morning.

Aqie: Hi Mika....

Aqie: Let me give you morning massage....You like it!!

Mika: Ok..ok.. its enoughh!!I want to have my breakfast now.....


  1. comelnye mika kak... suke tngok die main dgn ank buah akak..