Friday, January 21, 2011

Play with Yong again!

Yong: Actually, I have a little project...he..he.. anyway before I let Mika know, we play the fur again

Mika: Oooo...I miss it!

Mika: Oooop! I play with the wrong thing!

Mika: I jump to Yong's thigh! Ha..ha..I want to let her know that I mean business....

Yong: I get your message! There a few scratch wound on my thigh....sooooo painful!

Mika: Yong's lap is better than play with the fur.

Mika: Yong, where the fur goes?

Mika: Playing is so tiring.....Let take rest......

Yong: Half hour later, I took Mika to my room and easily he slide to his blanket and close his eyes..

Yong: So deep......

Yong: Too much play will result this posing...

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