Saturday, January 22, 2011

Conflake Raisin Cookies

Mika: I'm right, Yong has project to do today.

Yong: My friend ask me to make her cornflake cookies for Chinese New Year. She need 5 medium bottle, so I need to make about 250 pieces. Thats the reason I take leave today to start so that I could deliver to her by next week.

Mika: As usually, I wait at my sofa and watch her mixing the ingredient. Please finish it soon ok....

Mika: Waiting is boring... I better sleep first....

Yong: I start from 10.30 am and stop about 1.00 pm to prepare our simple lunch then I start again the second batch around 4.00 end up finish until 6.oo pm. Mika just hang around outside the whole day and only came in taking his lunch. The actual recipe has raisin in it but my friend does not like it so she just ask me to put cornflake only. Anyhow with or without raisin, it's still taste crunchy and unstoppable once you munch it! Click the photo to enlarge it. Here the recipe.....

220g self raising flour ( add 10g if you exclude the raisin)
230g butter
120g icing sugar
2 small egg (I use omega egg)
2 teaspoon vanilla
160g raisin (yellow)
325g Nestle cornflake(used food processor to smash it)


- Grease the baking pan with butter
- Pour raisin into the flour and set aside
- In another bowl,beat butter and icing sugar until smooth. Add egg and beat again then put vanilla. Then fold the raisin+flour into the butter mixture and mix it well
- Take small spoon, scoop small batter onto cornflakes,roll, lift and place in a greased pan
- Bake for 20 minute with preheat oven to 160 C
- Store in airtight container

P/S: I have this recipe since I'm in secondary school so it's a favourite during hari raya.

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