Monday, January 31, 2011

Hang out on the roof and postcard from Taiwan

Yong: After breakfast, while I'm taking my bath, Mika jumps to Mom's window.

Mika: It's raining today....

Mika: I better sits cat will come out on this raining.

Yong: Later that day, I'm going out to a friend wedding and home at about 4.00pm. I found Mika sleeping at the hall. It's raining all day....
Yong: I have received a postcard from Adan+Lego+Michico from Taiwan. I showed to Mika before he disappear to Mom's room.

Mika: It's beautiful postcard. We really appreciate it.

Yong: Later that evening we watch Adan-way blog and see what his ups to since Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

Mika: Yong, we better send a thank you message to Michico and Adan and Lego too...

Yong: Michico, thank you for your gorgeous postcard. We really...really treasure it. Because of your blog, I start this journey with Mika...hugs and kisses...

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