Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Morning duty;Postcard from Rome

Mika: Two days free from Aqie, now my morning duty back to normal when Monday comes

Yong: Mika, you not just good company to me but also to Aqie. Thank you for your patience with Aqie behaviour. Muaaahhh!


Yong: I received a postcard from my cousin, Adik Nash who went to holiday in Rome in Dec 2010. The postcard delayed due to post office closed during new year. He said there lots of cats wandering but very difficult to photograph. There is no snow and has sunrise during winter, so good for traveling.

Mika: Lovely postcard... Those two cats are stunning... Nice for remembering me during your holiday. I like it!


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  2. hihi.. thanks.. nnti adek upload pic some cats kat rome.. exam dah nak dekat so busy sket..
    kat rome mmg byk gler kucing.. wild la tapi..

    adek nashrif