Monday, January 31, 2011

Why Yong always wakes up early even weekend....

Mika: Good morning everybody.... it's 6.50 am now. Time for my breakfast, actually this is late.

Mika: Come follow my footstep...

Mika: Straight to the kitchen door.

Mika: Yong faster please, it's late now. I'm hungry!!!

Mika: I told you not to wake up late......

Mika: Hurry!!!!

Yong: Weekdays I always wakes up around 5.30 am and Mika always had his breakfast around 6.30am - 6.45am. Where he be around that 1 hour? He always wonder on the roof while I'm taking my morning bath. When I'm doing my make-up then he pop from the window just like he knew that I have finished bathing. So, today I wake up late around 6.30am instead of 6.00am which I usually do on Saturday and Sunday. I just follow him to downstairs to give his breakfast without taking my bath first. You see I never wakes up after 7.00am if I do either Mom's knock my door or Mika will bite my foot or Mika will meowing loudly!

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