Monday, January 3, 2011

New collar

Yong: What a hectic week for me for the last week of 2010. On 31/12/10, our Prime Minister declare a public holiday due to our Malaysian soccer team have won AFF Suzuki Cup beating Indonesia after waiting for 14 years. Congrats to our champion and we had 3 days holidays. For all the 3 days I'm not at home during the day, poor Mika, he a bit upset! How do I know? Well for 2 days he slept with my Mom. Only the last day I beg Mika to sleep with me.

Yong: I went to a pet shop, The Pet Family, on 31/12/10 at Tesco Kepong Village to check out if they had collar that I wanted. Nope, they don't have instead I bought a new cage for Mika. So on 01/01/11, I'm out again, this time I went to pet shop at AEON Bukit Tinggi,Klang, Pet Lovers Centre. I'm so happy that they have the collars which I bought 3 design for Mika.

Yong: The middle one is the same tiger collar that Mika lost it on last Friday. The left one is black colour with bling on it. On his foot is purple colour with cat face around it.

Mika: So many......I play with them first ok...Hard to choose....

Yong: Can you guess which one Mika will wear?

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