Sunday, January 16, 2011

Carbonara Yong's style

Mika: Finally, Yong get back around 5.00pm. After taking bath Yong decided to prepare fetuchini carbonara for dinner. I also have my dinner, rice with fish. Are you trying to coax me?

Yong: At last I made this much anticipate carbonara. The taste not bad at all! To add, my sister make sour plum + lychee drink. Marvellous! Here the recipe for carbonara....

Chiken sausages - dice
Chicken fillet - dice ( I use prawns)
Enough butter for saute ( I use 2 tablespoon)

Ingredient for sauce:
1 tin Prego creamy mushroom carbonara sauce
2 bay leave
Mixed herbs ( I use oregano)
Pinch of salt
Button mushroom-cut into half

Speghetti( I use fetuchini)

How to cook:
Put the speghetti/fetuchini into the boil water and let it cook
Saute the prawn until slightly cook, then put chicken sausage.
Saute until it cook depending on your desire.
Heat the mushroom sauce, if too thicken put little hot water.
Then put the saute items, oregano, mushroom,bay leave into the sause and salt to taste.
Put the fetuchini in bowl and pour the sauce.
Garnish with cheese powder and oregano.

P/S: I don't have actual measurement for the ingredient, I just use my instinct and taste...taste...taste...until I feel it right.

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