Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Saturday, 23/04/11

After reading Kak Rima ( & Kak Yani ( blog, story about how tasty and cute this French cookies, so I made bold attempt to try to make it. Even though the ingredient is only 4, to make this sweet treats is prove to be a challenging and finicky one.

The ingredient nicely stack.....wonder what inside the cup? Well.... its granulated sugar for whipping the egg white. I think my egg white not so fluffy enough thus make the batter a bit runny

Overall mixture and after piping on the tray........

The finish product not so lovely since the shell cracked and it consider reject...... but I still eat them. I kept in the fridge and few hours later I fill it with chocolate ganache. The taste is so crunchy! Well this is not my last attempt! I will conquer you, sweet macarons....

To heals my disappointment, I went to MPH at SACC Mall in Shah Alam and bought this 2 books about cupcakes.

I love the pictures, the ingredients and steps in the receipes are fairly easy and understandable. I will choose one or two recepies to make on 1 May to celebrate Labour!

Mika: More sweet things.....are you not afraid if your waist becoming like mine?

Yong: Ouch!

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  1. hari tu try buat jugak..tapi tak time nak try lagi..kena beli oven la..oven takde kat umah... =))