Thursday, April 14, 2011

The collar is missing..... again!

Yong: When I 'm back from the office, Mika approached me and you know what, the first thing I notice is his fancy purple collar not at his neck. Mom reported to me that she heard cat fight but not sure if it's Mika or other cat. So far no injury at any part of his body. The collar must be detachable when he trying escaping the fight chase. Luckily I have spares, so Mika has a new collar, fancy tiger stripe collar with safety detachable clip. Mika the only cat at our housing block that where collar. Lot of neighbours recognize Mika since he always chill out in front of our house.
Mika is trained sleep according human sleep time. Usually my sleeping time is 11.00pm, but if I still watching tv, he either go my Mom rooms or sleep on my lap at the sofa.

Must be tired with all the day activities. Be careful when you do your day patrol......

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