Monday, April 25, 2011

Grooming and........Yong's laptop is crash!

Yong: A sad....sad....and restless day for me since my cute pink lappy suddenly crash and I can't do anything to rectify the problem. Now my trusted lappy is with my friend and he will try too see what the

Anyway I manage to download Saturday photo but unable to proceed it on Sunday, so enjoy the very grooming Mika before he goes to sleep. Since my Mom not at home for 2 weeks, Mika & I slept in her room so that we won't missed her so much

Yong: Are you just out from the bathroom?

Mika: Yong, don't ambarras me with this photo.....Quick turn away the camera!

Yong: Mika are you sleeping?

Mika: You've been trick!

Mika: Not yet, need to groom this big tummy first

Mika: I guess all part has been groomed.......wait.......

Mika: Am I still smelly or this blanket need to clean?

Mika: Better sleep....thinking is borriiing........


Mika: Yong will posting our activities but it would be delay since Yong use office pc....shhhhh....don't tell her boss ok.... Next posting will be our activity on last Saturday & Sunday, a very busy day for Yong actually......

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  1. hikhik...comey je budak mika nie...di tambah dengan dialog2 tu... kelakar pon ade... =p