Saturday, April 2, 2011

Promise is a promise

Yong: Sorry for the delaying. My sister had snatched my lappy to do her assignment and I also very busy with work preparing report even though my hand is so anxious to write something on the blog. To night I'm able to snatch back from my sister. I made promise to Mika that I will take him for car ride from last week and as promise after I return from office, I swoop Mika into the car.

Mika: Yes! Finally after the long wait.....I got the ride that I want.....You all want to join??

Mika: Ok Yong, you can reverse the car now..... no kids.....

Mika: This is my favourite standing position. The view is superbbb!

Mika: Home....already.....Can we take another round?

Mika: I loveeee.....Yong's car. A mancat should have his dream car........don't you think so?

Yong: We will take another ride soon......

1 comment:

  1. hope can have one like MIKA here in Germany.. lots of dog here.. sigh