Friday, February 10, 2012

Show of......

Yong: February is birthday month for Mom and Aqie, yesterday we celebrate Mom's birthday. I manage to bake simple and easy rainbow cake. So let me show of my rainbow cake.....:o)


Just bought any plain cake mix, follow instruction from the box........very easy right!

Then, divide into 4 if you use small baking pan, colour them with your favourite colour.........

I use buttercream to spread each layer and then top the rest of the cake with buttercream too and just using icing decorating alphabates to wrote "happy birthday". I don't dare to attempt to do difficult design...:op

Taadaaa.....! A simple and delicious cake for Aqie to enjoy who are so trilled to eat it.

Mika: Now it's time for me to show of ! Move over Yong!

My powerful claws are force to be reckon for every cats in the neighbourhood!

This soft paws too make every one in the house falls in love.......Ooops! Sorry its a bit off white! Must ask Yong to take bath this weekend.

The end.....good night everyone...


  1. The cake looks very pretty. Happy Birthday Yong's mom.
    You have very mancatly claws Mika.

  2. rindunye kat mika...lame tak baca blog yong.. :))