Monday, February 13, 2012

What's hot in the oven?

Yong: I will posting what I'm baking or cooking to share with you all. I guess Monday will be my spot. So no Monday mancat for Mika but what hot in the oven will perk up your Monday....I hope....:o)

Saturday, I bought a pack of blackberry and decided to make topping to serve with vanilla ice-cream...then I thought that just so simple then I check on Kak Rima's recipe....well I choose Molten chocolate cake to pair with it. Here is the recipe from Kak Rima( )


The batter before get into the oven. Kak Rima, is there something not right with my batter?

It's bit overdone. The center not have that lava of chocolate when I spoon it. Well....I still love it!

I serve it with vanilla ice-cream and blackberry sauce. Awesome! Do try and you feel so drooling....yummieh!


  1. Hmm dah lama betul posting ni.. i think theres something which is not right with the batter.. i looked at mine and i compare.. hmmm after baking.. cake supposed to be gooey in the middle...

    1. Saya rasa pun macam ada yg tak kena. Nanti saya nak cuba lg biar cantik macam Kak Rima punya....Bila makan gan ice-cream memang sedap.