Monday, February 20, 2012

Countdown to Aqie's birthday

Yong: Today is Aqie's birthday.....he..he..before we get to the party here what we do during Saturday. He woke up very early on that day....7.00 am to be exact! So I asked you want to help to prepare cupcake? He took my hand and you know what, he just do what ever I asked him to do....from take the bowl, sifted the flour and cocoa. We just get ready the batter since that morning we planned to get some stuffs for Aqie's celebration in school.

Mika: Hei! Where is my breakfast! You guys should prepare that first!

On Sunday, I decorate the cupcake. Impress ha!

Mika! You are also on the cupcake! Ha..Ha..

The goodies bag for Aqie's friends.....hope they will trill to see this stuffs!


  1. Oh what cute cupcakes! Happy Birthday, Aqie!

  2. The cupcakes look wonderful. Happy Birthday Aqie