Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wonder what we do in January? Part 2

Mika: What's up with me?? I have the most torturer day of my life. Her name is Mila......can you believe that! The girl make my day up and down whenever we bump to each other. While Yong was busy in the kitchen....as alwayssss....I've been a bodyguard to the house. Mom has asked me to keep her from the entering the house.

She was so active! Hello young lady.....mind you that I'm the king of the house!

Yong: She is adorable! We were kitty sitting when our neighbour went back to their hometown in Perak during the Chinese New Year holiday. Every late afternoon we will take out from her cage and play with her. Well.....Mika not so keen to play at first but he jump right to it when I show the orange ball.

Mika: This the part I hate the most! She kept following me around.....purrrleasssse....

She even possessed the orange ball all the time!

Man.....this not good! I being bullied by this little kitten.........must think of something...must think of something......

Well......after I gave the powerful and strong vocal........Mila know now who's the boss! Wonder what I say to her? Har.....har....that my secret weapon!

Aaaaaa.....finally the ball is mineee.......


  1. We can see you told her that you are the boss. Maybe she wants to be your girlcat friend.

    1. We are good now. I'm like big brother to her now.