Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are you miss me?

Mika: Hi friends, you all must be wandering what with the long silence. Actually I'm not feeling well last week as I had fever with tempt. 40C. I still recovering from sore eyes but it's ok now as I can open my left eyes not like last week. Yong call me 'Pirate Mika' without the black eye-patch!

Yong: Yeah...... Mika looks like pirate! I also involve in this silence too. Since I got back from the Kuching vacation, I've been busy with work like mad! Everyday I arrived home late, even I have to force myself to work on Saturday! At the moment, I'm postponing my baking activity. I really miss it!

Mika: This is me last week, always sleep and lay on bed......I guess the experience being left alone during Yong's vacation has affect my health this time.

Yong: Mika never had health issue before, but with the boarding never know right. Well.....I can't never give up to support him with love and cuddle.....

Mika: Aqie, was such a great kid during that time. He behave good and really care for my health. He even persuade Yong to quickly send me to the vet. Well......kid will be always kid, he still can't resist to bully me but with less roughness.......he..he...

Yong: Since I never got a chance to celebrate Mika's Gothca Day last weekend, I bought his favourite chicken today and got his new tiger- stripped collar

Mika: Is this for real, a box of KFC .....all..........for me!

Mika: Hurry!.....I'm really hungry.......

Yong: The chicken need to be shredded......first it's ready for you.... your highness.......

Mika: Bon appetit everybody!

Yong: We would like to wish all our Hindu's friend Happy Diwali!

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  1. Yoyong is being unfair to Mommy and Aki...where is our KFC..huhuhuhu...nak jugaaaaaakkkkk