Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gotcha Day!

Mika: Today is my Gotcha Day! What better to do than clean my face on this day!

Mika: I just recover from fever and cold. From the last post, my health slightly has recover from the sore eye and coughing but after the outdoor outing.....I got fever and cold. Yong also took time off on Thursday morning to sent me to the vet(which I trying to avoid). The assistant vet gave few medicine. That's also why Yong missed blogging and update new, besides Yong very busy with her work. I will talk to her not to miss blogging next time!

Yong: Ok....ok that part is definitely my slacking. I'll think of something to celebrate your Gotcha Day this weekend.....ya... Faster finish up and get your beauty sleep.

Dear friends, please drop your well wishes greeting to Mika so that he won't be so disappointed.....:o)
Ooops......I've still yet to say something! Let see.........Your the best partner I ever have, a good companion, very calm but I can't stand your picky eating......and I really...really love you!

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