Friday, October 7, 2011

Kuching trip 2

Since the wheather was so hot, we did not go to the beach instead we headed to crocodile farm. We came during school day, our cousin are kind enough to get their kids 1 off day from school! Aqie was so happy that he can go with his BFF.

Welcome to the Jon's Crocodile Farm & Zoo. This place located outside of the town & it took about 45 minute to get there.

This is a first time Aqie saw real life crocs and he never stop chatting and call out what they are doing and amazed how big they are....We missed the show session which start at 11.00 am.

This croc was caught by the village people.

Have you seen a tailess croc before?

On the way back home,we stopped to vase shop and bought some souvenirs and Mom also bought a vase. You can also visit their work area and try making the vase yourself.

We visited Cat Museum on the last day. You must come here if you are a cat lover. After that we when to look for Kek Lapis Sarawak. Mira's Cake House was recommended by my Auntie which located near Waterfront. Don't worry you can taste the cake before you buy them.

Cat Museum.

These two cat figures that catched my eyes and I thought they are so cute! The left was handcraft with seashell. Very creative.

The morning before we fly back to KL, we headed to Pasar Tamu in Satok to buy "terubuk masin" a famous salted fish. When you in Sarawak this is a must to buy! Photo above shows Mom & my sister listening to the fish man explaining different type of grade and ultimately we bought 26 pieces! Well....luckily we have a spare luggage........phewwww.....

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  1. That looks like a very good trip, and lovely photos.