Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yong: Mika........time to sleep now.......what's up!

Mika: Look at that!

Mika: How can I sleep when there is an interruption........

Mika: Oooiiitttt lizard! Come down!

Yong: The lizard crawl at the other corner. Mika can't resists to follow it.

Mika: My neck is tired now! not even help me to catch that lizard.

Mika: The chances is very slim.....


P/S Yong: I'm sorry for not blogging all day since I'm really....really....busy and always home from office at night. I've drained my energy during the day and consequencely I neglected the blogging world. Mika very dissappointed in me, he frequently sleep in my Mom's room. Make me sad though.....:o((

I've few stories to tell you all about my outing with my JB best friends and my baking madness last weekend......I can't believe it myself as I bake a cheese cake on Saturday and cupcake on Sunday. That never happen to me! I guess am sick of not baking for quite sometimes.


  1. LIZARD! Those are our favorite all time toys!

  2. Dahlah tu, dik. Nanti cicak tak dpt, taik cicak yg dpt...he, he...