Thursday, August 4, 2011

Story book

Yong: Hello everybody, sorry long time not update my blog. Been busy with work (same excuse again....ahhhhh). If you wonder about Mika.......he just doing alright now. He can be patience with me if I greed him when I come home, rubbed him gently and most importantly I'm the one that give him the food regardless how late I return home. All and all, everything back to normal. I would like to share with you the book that I bought last weekend, it about cats tales. I'm still in the middle of reading it. The author has blog: I think many of the CB friends knows about this.

Mika: Yong, is this book about orange cat? Very cute bookmark too!

Mika: When are you going to read it to me? I'm very sleepy now.......zzzzzzz


  1. We know Au and Target but we haven't read the book. That is a very nice bookmark.

  2. We like your bookmark - we haven't read your book either - is it available in the UK?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx