Saturday, July 23, 2011

Because of you......durian (part 1)

Yong: Starts from July, FAMA (Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority), marketing agency under the Ministry of Algriculture held a local fruits festival in Shah Alam. So we headed there on Thursday night and lots of people stalk at the durian stalls. Various durian grades for your choice, and of course we choose the best. The customer can also eat there. Not just durians, they also have rambutans, mangosteen, cempedak (it similar with jackfruit but the texture is a bit different) and langsat (sweet-sour fruit)

People just flock to the durians......

Durians........king of fruits. Either you love them or hate them........still no other fruits can compete with the "king".

Aqie was so excited to see and naming the fruits and feel the texture

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