Friday, July 8, 2011

Back to blogging again......

Yong: Hello everyone......were back....Hope you all not miss us. I'm sorry for postponing our blog a bit longer that expected. I'm quite busy now with the new job scope and lately very lazy and sleeping...well almost of the time when I want to start to write. Anyway as promise.....these is what I bought for Mika last Saturday for his tremendous patience with me.

Mika: Ha.......this is the goodies that I told you....Yong put it in an attractive bag

Mika: There two type of toys, two collars and two types of kibbles.....the other one in below photo

Yong: Mika never had any fancy toy so I bought this which can hang it at the door. The toy still yet to open from the box. Need to wait Aqie back to his Grandpa house this weekend. I can't imagine what he will do if I open it earlier......Maybe Mika won't get to play!

Mika: Nice colour for my collar....The blue was choose by Aqie......his favourite colour.

Mika: Yippieeee......I have a kickeroo now. I saw all kitties friends have one so Yong get it one for me.....very pinkish kickeroo! Love it! Love it!

Mika:Hey kickeroo! Where are you?

Mika: These are the two new kibble Yong bought for me. Yong open first from Royal Canin. The taste is so delicious and no strong odour. I'm happy cat on that day!

Yong P/S: I have two stories to tell you all later... One is about a stuck cat and....... tomorrow is my convo day. So wait for the stories ok...


  1. Toys AND treats!! Double bonus. Can't wait for the stories...

  2. Bestnya dia, dpt macam2. Ada cakap time kacih, tak..?

  3. KL,
    Indeed double bonus!Love it!For the 3rd time....ha..ha..

    Kak Kim & Shaz,
    Memang suka sgt! Kite tido gan Yong la malam tu...pur... meow...