Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cat trap on the roof.....

Yong: This cat was trapped on the roof almost 5 days. I notice this cat wandering on Sunday, 3/7/11 but I did not border since previously there is other cat also like wandering on that roof and manage to go down on the same day. Then I notice when I came back from the office on Monday night I heard a cat meowing on the same spot and then came facing to my window.

This orange cat always sit this spot or came to facing my window. Beside me, two of my neighbours also notice this cat and we trying to console the cat and ask him to find way to go down.

My sister called rescue squad on Tuesday but they did not come with proper equipment and they promise to notify the appropriate party. We waited on Wednesday but no one came. Poor the cat...he looked so tired and hungry. He keep wandering all over the roof to find way to get down. He even try to jump but too scared.

My neighbour had a brilliant idea where he put a fish in the plastic bag and throw hardly to the roof. The cat instantly rushed to it and eat the fish...He certainly very hungry luckily on that day, there was rainy and the cat can get water.

Finally, the fire squad came to rescue the cat on Thursday night after our neighbour follow-up with the call and 30 minute later they came and bring the extended ladder to rescue the cat with the help of Mika's kibble that is.......There is no photo since the exposure is too bad and very dark.

We all can finally slept well and there is no cat's meowing every morning since then......Hope he safe now.....


  1. Poor kitty! We hope he's safe now, no more rooftops for him!

  2. my cat is trap on the roof now... cn i call the bomba??