Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great achievement.......convo day

I feel proud of myself and happy for the rest of my classmates that after 1 1/2 year we struggled with the course, finally we had our convo day on Saturday. There are 26 courses and 700+ recipients have received their executive diploma and certificate. I took Executive Diploma in Administrative Accounting in Aug 2009, this course is suitable for working people in order to enhance their career, to improve knowledge and ultimately will help to improve our job. Even though this is not the real deal, I mean.... like convo for degree course but I feel it a great achievement for all the hard work I put on it. Who knows may be after this I will further my study to degree level.....I will try to strive this!

Rehearsal day, 8/7/11

Meeting the friends again and catch-up old stories and memories. The purple bag contains our convo robes

Photo for our memories

Behind is the hall where the convo took place.

Rehearsal time and smile......

Convo day, 9/7/11

My Mom and my sister, together with her hubby and Aqie, tag along with me to University Malaya (UM) to celebrate the day. While I was in the hall (Tunku Canserlor Hall) where the event took place, Aqie and his parent hang around outside.

If you might know in the news or in internet, KL city was in chaos on that day due to illegal assembly. We were stuck in the traffic jam due to road block by the police. Luckily we already anticipate this will happen and we starts the journey as early as 6.45 am and arrive at the hall 1 hour later which the journey should took only 30 minutes!

Do you believe this photo was taken by Aqie? He had a very good steady hand and good focus. Good job Aqie!

Aaaa....kid with his action.

This is after the event and we took some photo. Thanks you for lovely and beautiful rose.

I will put up few more photo once my friends upload it in their FB.

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