Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday activities - part 2

Yong: Indeed the chasing continues.....

Yong: Mika made quick escape from Aqie

Mika: Stay away.....or I give my super power laser eyes!

Mika: Is he calling his friends!!???

Mika: Oooops....! Bad idea!

Mika: Nooo...! I've been surrounded!!!!

Aqie & friend: Quick! Mika is escaping!!

Yong: They all disappointed when Mika successfully escape from their invasion.

Mika: Fuh.....! A close call!

Mika: I should take some rest since they continue to play....
Yong: At least you have a good exercise....he..he...


  1. Mika you did well to escape the sticky little fingers, hope you got a nice long rest in the grass. It looks very comfy.


  2. We are glad you managed to get away and find a peaceful spot to snooze. You look very soft and clean after your bath.

  3. That looks like quite the adventure, Mika.
    And a nice soft place to rest.
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! I'll be sending you an email!