Sunday, March 6, 2011

Busy Saturday

Mika: Yong quite busy preparing for lunch. Today I will help her.....

Mika: Yong.....shall we cook the rice first.

Mika: I know this is my forbidden area but being a good helping cat, I'll get you the pot.

Mika: Hmmmmm.......Yong, which pot do you want to use?

Mika: Ok.....Yong have washed the rice and ready to put at the stove.

Mika: I like doing careful with the fire!

Yong: These shots are marvelous! Aqie captures all Mika movements while I'm busy doing the cooking. I'm alone doing the cooking on that day with Aqie being such a good kid, so I entrust the camera with him. However the exposure not so good, so I edited into black & white. Thanks for the shots Aqie!

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