Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yong is back!

Mika: Yong already back from her trip. Now I can sleep peacefully....

Mika: Nite everyone....

Yong: I'm home around 1.00pm, once Mika saw me enter to the house, he starts meowing gladly to see me finally home. My sister told me that when I'm not around, Aqie, my nephew is very kind to Mika. Remind my sister to feed Mika on time, even inform my sister to see if Mika doing his business in toilet. He also ensure Mika not so gloomy when I'm not around.


  1. We are glad Aqie kept you entertained while Yong was away. Her photos are lovely.

  2. Yes, Aqie is very thoughtful when Yong not around but he still chase me around the house.