Monday, March 21, 2011

Boring Sunday.....

Yong: Three days in a row, the wheather here is raining (sometime in morning and sometime in the evening). Eventhough there is sunlight but not much activities done outside.

Both 2 boys just hang in the house, one sitting outside looking out and the other lazyly watching tv.

Mika: Rain...rain...please...please go away....

Mika: Hope the raining clear soon, there will be visitors coming this late afternoon. Need to find place to stash away.

Yong: Yes, I have my cousin from Klang and Kuala Kubu Bharu visited us at 3.00pm, by then Mika already left the house to find his santuary spot. Mika only came back around 7.00pm which is near to his dinner time. For 2 weeks now I'm not baking anything, will see if this week I can bake something. I have 3 recipes in my baking wish lists.

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