Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chocolate almond cake......again

Mika: It will be a loooooong nite....Yong still yet to finish her baking.

Yong: Well..... I decided to bake the chocolate almond cake again tonight after we had our dinner. This time I use muffin tray instead of cake pan. So, I end up finish at 1.00 am. Surely I'll be waking up late on Saturday!

Mika: Happy weekend everyonezzzzzzzzzz...........

Yong: You know what? I'm still wake up before 7 am, 6.45 am exactly! Mika won't let me stay in bed for few more hour......even though I've open the door, he still nagging.....

Anyway, the long nite still worth it, the muffin become my breakfast.


Yong: I use 2 types of muffin tray to make the chocolate almond. The other one I use mini muffin bundt tray. I served that during afternoon tea. This time I garnish it with choclate garnache. The taste is complement with each other compare with the Betty Crocker choc frosting which is more sweeter.

After Aqie taking his bath, he asked me about the cake and joint us at the table.

Aqie: Yumm...yum...

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